4 Strings: “We believe Trance music will make a huge comeback in 2015!”

Take me away…

For all those in search of the perfect way to celebrate the New Year, listen up, 4 Strings are kicking 2015 off with a bang!

The trance act responsible for one of the biggest anthems ever, ‘Take Me Away’ will be hitting the decks at Room 680, Melbourne – January 2 for what will surely be one of the biggest 2015 club nights of the year – grab your tickets here.

We recently caught up with Jan from 4 Strings, check out the interview below!

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What’s the musical philosophy behind 4 Strings? How did you actually get to know each other?
The philosophy behind our music is emotion. We believe in producing and playing music that expresses emotion in people. Carlo and myself met through mutual friends when were children and as we became friends we started to make music for fun and then it became a serious. I started DJing when I was a teenager and Carlo pursued producing.


What’s the secret to staying in the music business for the long haul?
Passion for the music, friendship and respect.


With two people behind the decks and in the studio, do you find you influence each other?
We definitely influence each other in the studio and on tour. When I tour, I always pay attention to what music people enjoy and let Carlo know. Sometimes we will include a certain sound in a production.


Your biggest success came with the trance anthem, “Take Me Away (Into the Night)“, peaking at #44 in the ARIA singles chart and #20 in the Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales chart – how does it feel to have such a massive hit?
We’re very honored and proud that so many people enjoy this song especially so many years later!


What do you think it is about ‘Take Me Away (Into The Night)’ that’s connected with the public more so than other releases?
The melody and the lyrics are a perfect combination. It’s hard to repeat that again. We do have many fans who prefer our other releases more.


2014 was another busy year for you both. You released the singles, ‘Chemistry’, ‘Living Colors’, ‘Galaxy’ and ‘Monday’ – where do you find inspiration to create such massive productions?
We were trying to produce the 4 Strings version of EDM but still stick with the 4 Strings vibe.


Do you ever feel the pressure of trends in “EDM”?  What are your thoughts on the current state of trance music?
We did feel the pressure a bit, we tried to include the EDM sound in the productions. But we stopped because our heart is not in the EDM music. The trance musicians who did not change their music style to EDM, are gaining respect from the fans such as the ‘Trance Family’. We believe Trance music will make a huge comeback in 2015!


What can fans expect from your upcoming Australia tour in 2015?
My sets will include classic, uplifting trance with a good vibe of new trance music!


What do the next six months hold for you both? Your fans will undoubtedly be wanting new music, are there any current tracks in the works?
The next 6 months include new productions and more touring. On December 29, our new vocal trance track ‘Hold in Silence’ will be released! We are working on going back to the classic 4 Strings sound and not be influence too much by other styles anymore.

I’m looking forward to playing at Trancegression Events on January 2!

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

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