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Ferry Corsten talks highly anticipated Gouryella 2.0 launch at Transmission Australia

Ferry Corsten set to mesmerise Aussie fans with the launch of Gouryella 2.0 this long weekend.

Nearly 20 years ago, the world of trance was introduced to the sounds of Ferry Corsten’s much-loved alias, Gouryella. Within those years of creativity, Gouryella has built a collection of ultimate trance classics, mind-blowing anthems and entrancing sets.

Gouryella has kept trance alive throughout the years, and now returns to Melbourne to take the classic moniker to a whole new level. Ferry Corsten will launch Gouryella 2.0 at Transmission Australia 2017 this Saturday at Etihad Stadium, and we caught up with the Trance veteran to see what fans can expect from his highly anticipated set.

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Looking forward to seeing you back in Melbourne, Ferry Corsten. The fans here love you. So much so that you are playing 2 shows here; a club show to promote your innovative latest album; Blueprint as well as debuting for the first time the Gouryella 2.0 at the biggest Transmission in the world. Tell us what the fans can expect from both these shows?

Blueprint is much more than an album. It is a hybrid between a music album and an audio book. In other words, a fully narrative story that carries the listener throughout the entire album creating a full listening experience.  I’m really excited to be able to take this audio book concept on the road as it will allow me to show another dimension of the concept on a show level. How I see my album played with other music and of course the visuals that I’ll be projecting.

I’m also launching the Gouryella 2.0 concept at Transmission. Originally, Gouryella started as simply a fun project years ago that recently I felt the need to bring it back because I missed the sound. By bringing Gouryella back, I really felt that I needed to emphasize the deeper meaning of the concept and the actual word Gouryella. This is why I was meticulous with every detail with the music and the show of Gouryella 1.0. Gouryella 2.0 the next show will be the continuation of this message and the link that it has to Ferry Corsten and to my album Blueprint, where one of the tracks is a Gouryella song.

Have you set your sights at Etihad? The last time a trance DJ played there was Armin Van Buuren on New Years Eve 2009/2010 for his Armin Only – Mirage Tour. Are you excited?

Yeah of course, it is one of the biggest venues in the country so I’m chuffed to part of this event. There’s always something magical when you play for a confined crowd that large.

The promoters are expecting 20,000 trance fans from around Australia and the rest of the world to congregate at such a large gathering. Can we expect some fresh Gouryella sounds?

I know. I’m super excited to be in Australia next week, and working really hard to put a fantastic show together with the team. I definitely worked on some new music to play on the night, and the visuals received a 2.0 fix as well.

Why did you choose to keep Gouryella 2.0 concept exclusive to Transmission festivals?

Transmission have been a big supporter of Gouryella and Ferry Corsten’s music so when Transmission suggested the follow up show it made perfect sense to partner since their productions and show are absolutely on point and in line with how I see my show.

Any last messages to the fans of Australia?

I’m so excited to be travelling to Australia next week.  Let’s make this a big one guys!!! Thanks for all your support!

Ferry Corsten Australia Tour Dates:

Thursday 28th September
Ferry Corsten Presents Blueprint Album Tour Featuring Special Guest. Sneijder –
Venue: Room 680, Melbourne
Get tix here.

Friday 29th September
Ferry Corsten Presents Blueprint Album Tour Featuring Special Guest. Markus Schulz
Venue: EI8HT, Brisbane
Get tix here.

Saturday 30th September
Gouryella 2.0 (Transmission Exclusive) [Transmission Australia)
Venue: Etihad Stadium, Melbourne
Get tix here.

Sunday 1st October
Ferry Corsten Featuring Markus Schulz & Driftmoon
Venue: Ivy Club
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