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M.I.K.E. Push drops new remix teaser of JES’ classic ‘People Will Go’

Everything M.I.K.E. Push touches turns into pure Trance gold.

M.I.K.E. Push is teasing a new remix of JES’ classic ‘People Will Go’, and it’s absolutely incredible.

JES’ much-loved record ‘People Will Go’ returns for round two through a spellbinding remix, the infectious sound of M.I.K.E. Push is here to immerse the global crowds once more.

It’s got the mesmerising build-up, magical breakdown and stunning vocals to make you lose yourself in the music. It’s simply stellar on all fronts.

Listen to M.I.K.E. Push’s remix below. Out soon on Grotesque.


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Written by Miguel Ramirez

My name is Miguel, and i'm a trance addict.

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