If the atmospheric type of Trance gets you, listen to Bjorn Akesson’s new uplifting record

Bjorn Akesson no longer needs to prove his ability to create a quality production. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like doing so.

Bjorn Akesson has released some amazing tunes to date and delivers another highly anticipated track on FSOE.

His first FSOE record of the year,Β fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of this slammer!

Never failing to create musical masterpieces that keep you on the edge of your seat, his new record ‘Circles’ contains a stunning, rocking blend of uplifting sounds, strong drive and a solid melodic break. Bjorn Akesson never fails to impress.

Listen to ‘Circles’ below and get it here.



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Written by Miguel Ramirez

My name is Miguel, and i'm a trance addict.

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