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Watch Armin van Buuren perform upside down on a rotating DJ booth

Watch as Armin van Buuren performs from an DJ Booth that rotates a full 360 degrees.

Armin van Buuren offered some of his own brand of magic to the crowd at a recent gig in Rotterdam.

Armin van Buuren’s recent show-stopping performance on a 360-degree rotating DJ booth was certainly the talk of Vrienden van Amstel Live, one of the year’s biggest musical happenings in the Netherlands, and proved to be one of the highlights of the star-studded gathering.

Watching Armin van Buuren perform is always a treat, but he was up to the task of dazzling an arena and performing 26 metres above the dance floor in an impressive sphere-shaped DJ booth that rotated a full 360 degrees.

The Trance superstar certainly wowed the crowds as he DJ-ed upside down, and you can watch the memorable moment below in Armin van Buuren’s latest vlog, which also includes behind-the-scenes clips from the event and testing footage of the magnificent stage.


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Written by Miguel Ramirez

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