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10 new captivating tunes every Trance fan must hear

We can’t go a day without listening to Trance.

Here are 10 new Trance tunes that will make you feel more alive than ever before.

Another week, another 10 new Trance tunes you must know. If you’re a Trance fan, you ought to know these smashing new tunes from Daniel KandiDustin Husain, Sam Laxton, Anna LeeCorin Bayley, Temple One and Binary Finary.

This week also features new music from 2nd Phase, Alex KunnariDuncan Newell and Lostly.

Hit play below and enter a brand new world of pounding beats, pure melodies and euphoria.

Daniel Kandi – What Happens When We End

Daniel Kandi is back with another epic record, sure to get the die-hard Trance fans to reach for the stars! Out December 1. (Always Alive Recordings)

Dustin Husain – Reincarnation

‘Reincarnation’ is the latest sonic outpouring from Dustin Husain, blowing all of its listeners away with its powerful melody and memorable atmosphere. Get it here. (High Contrast Recordings)

Sam Laxton & Anna Lee – Lost & Found

The term ‘one-of-a-kind’ has never been this spot-on. Sam Laxton and Anna Lee join forces to create the next big thing in Trance! Out December 1. (Digital Society Recordings)

Corin Bayley – Crowd Vision

Corin Bayley’s incredible debut on Pure Trance encapsulates everything we love about uplifting trance, showing it’s still very much alive and kicking. Get it here. (Pure Trance)

Temple One – The 42nd Parallel

If you’re in the mood for epic melodies and entrancing atmospheres, this new Subculture slammer is the one to pick. Out November 24. (Subculture)

Dark Monks – Insane (Binary Finary Remix)

Crafting up a stellar rendition of Dark Monks‘ classic anthem ‘Insane’, the Trance duo add their own blend of euphoria and pounding beats so infectious it will rock the world for years to come. Out December 4. (Grotesque Reworked)

2nd Phase – Midsummer Mushroom

2nd Phase continue to spoil the world with their much-loved sound, delivering another tune of epic proportions to the Grotesque Fusion imprint. Their consistent releases prove time and again that their level of talent and production ability is simply undeniable. Get it here. (Grotesque Fusion)

Alex Kunnari – Las Salinas

Alex Kunnari’s ‘Las Salinas’ provides us with uplifting power, energy and a craving feeling for more! It’s trance in its most awe inspiring form. Out December 4. (AVA White)

Jackob Roenald – Antidote (Duncan Newell Remix)

Here is Duncan Newell’s mind-blowing rendition of ‘Antidote’, the tune that will be stuck in your head from the moment you hear it! He provides a stunning dance-floor experience with this remix. Out December 4. (Rielism Elements)

Lostly – One Last Look

Lostly’s stunning new single ‘One Last Look’ has the perfect build-up, a drive that mesmerises and leaves you in a state of awe. Get it here. (Outburst Twilight)

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

My name is Miguel, and i'm a trance addict.

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