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12 killer new tunes every Trance music lover must hear

Another week, another 12 new tunes you must know.

If you feel like the search for new quality Trance music has become hopeless, look right here!

If you’re a Trance fan, you ought to know these smashing new tunes by Arnej presents 8 Wonders, Sneijder, James Dymond, Gerome, Factor B, Mark Sherry and Richard Durand.

This week also features new music from Gadolan, Activa, Elucidus, Dennis Pedersen, Philippe El Sisi, James Cottle, Project 8 and Talla 2XLC.

Hit play below and lose yourself in the music.

Arnej presents 8 Wonders – Society

8 Wonders, the much-loved alias of Arnej, is ready to take over the world once again with his brand gem on Rielism, ‘Society’. It harbours the sonic magic any Trance fan dreams of!

Out November 12 (Rielism)

Sneijder & James Dymond – Deadline

‘Deadline’ strikes a balance between uplifting and tech, with soaring melodies, euphoric soundscapes and anthemic energy destined for huge venues the world over.

Pre-order here (FSOE)

Gerome – Autumn Spell

From the euphoric atmospheres to the entrancing melodies and banging bassline, this upcoming release of Gerome is sure to get you on cloud nine.

Out November 9 (AVA White)

Chakra – Home (Factor B’s Back to The Future Remix)

Factor B treats Chakra‘s classic slammer ‘Home‘ with his distinctive, much-loved sound, turning it into a massive burst of uplifting glory. This is a fresh-sounding rendition with plenty of that old-school emotion that brought the anthem to world recognition so many years ago.

Download (Who’s Afraid Of 138?!)

Mark Sherry & Richard Durand – Cosmic Dawn

Mark Sherry and Richard Durand have put the emphasis on unique and distinctive! Their new collab ‘Cosmic Dawn’ is as slamming as it is one of a kind, rising as an impeccable mixture of that classic euphoric feel with their fresh, banging signature sounds.

Download | Stream (Outburst Records)

Gadolan – Identity

‘Identity’ is trance in its most awe inspiring form. From its irresistible chord progressions to an astounding breakdown and entrancing atmospheres, Gadolan’s new gem features all the right elements for a sublime masterpiece.

Download | Stream (M.I.K.E. Push Studio Indigo)

Activa – Our Time

Activa proves he is a man of quality and power. As always, Activa’s latest single ‘Our Time’ lives up to the current trance standards, making for the perfect new release on Degenerate Records.

Download | Stream (Degenerate Records)

Elucidus – Escape

Close your eyes and ‘Escape’ to a brand new world of pounding beats, pure, uplifting melodies and euphoria!

Pre-order now (FSOE Fables)

Dennis Pedersen – Deja Vu

The Danish Trance champion provides us with power, uplifting energy and a craving feeling for more! ‘Deja Vu’ is the tune that will be stuck in your head from the moment you hear it.

Out November 9 (Always Alive Recordings)

Project 8 – Reset

Encapsulating surreal amounts of energy, Project 8’s new tech slammer ‘Reset’ builds tension to the max with its driving bassline and unleashes it all in a whirlwind of thrilling melodies in its breakdown. A great tune by an even greater producer!

Pre-order (FSOE Clandestine)

Talla 2XLC – The World In My Eyes

Almost two decades after the track’s original release, Talla 2XLC hits up the Grotesque imprint with a new version of ‘The World In My Eyes’. As mesmerising as before while befitting the uplifting sound that thrives today, ‘The World In My Eyes’ is back for another around for the new generation of Trance music lovers.

Out November 12 (Grotesque)

Philippe El Sisi & James Cottle – Theory Of Ice

Trance heroes Philippe El Sisi and James Cottle bring us a powerful, heavyweight Trance anthem with a blissful touch. With its soaring melodies, euphoric soundscapes, and anthemic energy, their new collab ‘Theory Of Ice’ is destined for huge venues the world over.

Download (VANDIT)

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

My name is Miguel, and i'm a trance addict.

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