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Binary Finary’s timeless Trance Classic ‘1998’ gets the 2018 treatment

Trance Classic ‘1998’ is back for another round.

Twenty years after the song’s original release, Binary Finary are bringing back ‘1998’ with an impeccable 2018 rework.

After a string of epic club shows celebrating 20 years of ‘1998’, Binary Finary are now set to release the 2018 version of the beloved classic. As entrancing as before while befitting the sound that thrives today, ‘1998’ is ready to take over the world as it did two decades ago.

The iconic duo debuted the exquisite remix during their set at Frantic London last month, delivering a piece of wonder no Trance fan can resist.

Watch the incredible debut of Binary Finary’s 1998 (2018 Remix) below.

Binary Finary’s 1998 (2018 Remix):

Watch their full set at Frantic London:

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

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