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4 Strings reunite with ‘Take Me Away’ vocalist Susanne Teutenberg on smashing new single


One of the world’s most beloved Trance team-ups are back to deliver another timeless production.

Responsible for crafting up some of the most memorable vocal records including ‘Take Me Away’, ‘Let It Rain’, ‘Diving’, ‘Turn It Around’ and more, 4 Strings have reunited with vocalist Susanne Teutenberg for their new release, ‘A Brand New Day‘.

With 4 Strings’ much-love style and Susanne Teutenberg’s unforgettable vocals, they pour loads of emotion and power in a mesmerising track destined to have crowds reeling for more.

Susanne has also recently shared her story on how she originally was never credited on her previous vocal work with 4 Strings, but is now pleased to share her name alongside the legendary duo for their forthcoming single.

“Maybe it was my lack of involvement in the Trance scene or the fact that I wasn’t so interested in touring I was never credited on my work which was fine as I was just proud to hear my voice on the radio, in parties and on TV and the Viva N1 Rotation. Many hits followed. Diving, Turn It Around and Let It Rain among the bigger ones. Now I’m pleased to finally share my name on this new 4 Strings collaboration. This, I owe to fans who reached out to me via social media through the years,” she wrote on a post via her Facebook page.

“And I am especially happy to reconnect with Carlo Resort and to present to you our newest work together again!”

Listen to ‘A Brand New Day’ below and pre-order here.

See her full statement below.

Strings & Susanne Teutenberg – A Brand New Day:

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