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5 things we learnt at Ferry Tayle’s Sydney gig

Moving masses with his significant uplifting touch, the trance hero reached Sydney last month.

Ferry Tayle’s special open-to-close show was filled with pure emotion, hands-in-the-action, energetic vibes, hard-hitting bass, enchanting melodies and we were lucky enough to attend the sold-out show which turned out to be one of the best intimate Trance experiences we’ve ever witnessed in Sydney.

Here’s what we took away from the night.

#1 Small can be beautiful

Unlike previous Aussie gigs, including 2015’s set at Festival Hall, Melbourne, Ferry Tayle’s Sydney show housed just a few hundred people, but there’s an energy to small intimate shows that’s undeniable – it’s absolutely incredible!

No overbearing crowds, no jumping up and down on top of one another, there was only trance and serenity. Fans even got the chance to get up-close to the decks and watch the legend take us on an incredible musical journey. 

#2 Australia has some of the most passionate Trance fans

We were moved by the passion of Sydney’s Trance family, the energy and love that we all felt during the intimate show was amazing. There was no trouble, just the Trance family having a blast and enjoying hours of trance music bliss.

The vast majority of people in the world are kind, thoughtful and fun, and that shone through at Ferry’s gig last month. 

#3 Open-to-close sets are a hit with fans

Longer sets truly showcase one’s ability to take an entire crowd on a journey and Ferry did just that, with fans completely enjoying every hour!

Each hour, Ferry built the right energy, stunning melodies were played throughout the night and even the classics had their time to shine once again. Our minds were blown away and we didn’t want the night to end!

Bring on the next open-to-close set!

#4 Ferry Tayle is brilliant

There’s something about Ferry Tayle’s sets. Each and every single performance will make you lose yourself completely.

Rushing in with its warm waves of melody, his open-to-close set was the best we’ve ever seen from the legend. That strong build-up. And eventually, an outburst of uplifting melodies. His set was nothing but pure energy of trance.

#5 Future looking even brighter for Trancendence

After successfully hosting their very first event earlier this year and delivering a superb second show, the sky is the limit for the hardworking team behind Trancendence. The recent sold out show proved to be a success with fans, everything about the intimate event was perfect and we’re thrilled to see what Trancendence bring us next.

Connect with Trancendence here.

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

My name is Miguel, and i'm a trance addict.

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