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9 new euphoric Trance gems you must hear this week

This is what Trance heaven sounds like!

Giuseppe Ottaviani, Allan Berndtz, Project 8, Chris Schweizer, Allen Watts

The pick of Trance music is right here!

If you’re a Trance fan, you ought to know these smashing new tunes from Giuseppe Ottaviani, Jody 6, Project 8, Andy Moor, Somna & Linney, plus Allen Watts & Chris Schweizer.

This week also features new music from Peter Miethig & Six Senses, Leo van Goch & The Sixth Sense, Woody van Eyden & Beauney, plus Allan Berndtz.

Hit play below and lose yourself in the music.

Giuseppe Ottaviani – Glowing In The Dark

As the sublime atmosphere of ‘Glowing In The Dark’ takes the listener on an entrancing musical journey, the melody and energetic bassline drive the track to be an all-time favourite in no time.

Jody 6 – I Like You Better When You’re Dirty

Jody 6’s new slammer on Nocturnal Knights Fusion is in a league of its own. Much more hard-hitting than his usual uplifting approach, ‘I Like You Better When You’re Dirty’ hits like a jackhammer and tears sound systems apart, knocking listeners back a few feet. Here comes the carnage.

Project 8 – Enemy Of The State

If you thought Project 8’s sound couldn’t get any more slamming, wait till you hear what he’s cooked up on Outburst Twilight. Ever seeking to inspire and innovate, ‘Enemy Of The State’ is here to thrill Trance fans beyond measure with its captivating bass, impactful soundscapes and nostalgic, old-school vocals!

Andy Moor, Somna & Linney – More Than Love:

From the brilliant melodies and chords that lift Linney’s mesmerising vocals to even greater heights, this track is stunning vocal trance in its ultimate form and will remain a fan favourite for time to come.

Allen Watts & Chris Schweizer – Cabrones:

Pulling out all the stops for their much-anticipated collab on Who’s Afraid Of 138?!, Allen Watts and Chris Schweizer whip out their signature sounds with the intention of wreaking havoc and thrilling the scene. It’s one of those speaker-slamming tunes made for the biggest Trance stages in the world.

Peter Miethig & Six Senses – Living A Dream

With a blissful breakdown and dreamy melody, Peter Miethig and Six Senses’ new gem ‘Living A Dream’ is supreme-quality uplifting and is sure to conquer the heart and soul of many Trance music lovers.

Leo van Goch & The Sixth Sense – Another Jam

A true uplifting banger from start to finish and gleaming with stunning atmospheres, Leo van Goch & The Sixth Sense’s ‘Another Jam’ will have fans raising their arms to the sky in anticipation!

Woody van Eyden & Beauney – Vivid Visions

Proper uplifting from Woody van Eyden and Beauney, ‘Vivid Visions’ is as beautiful and stunning as its title implies. It strikes a perfect balance between power and emotion.

Allan Berndtz – Evolved

Entrancing from the first melodic pluck to the riveting break and the epic unwinding that follows, this mighty production has crowd favourite written all over it.

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

My name is Miguel, and i'm a trance addict.