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Here’s what to expect from Armin’s vinyl set at ‘Armin Only Embrace’

Watch the first 15 minutes of Armin Only Embrace here

Aussie fans will be treated to a special vinyl set during Armin Only Embrace in Sydney next year.

Australia, this is your chance to get an impression of the Embrace tour, watch Armin van Buuren’s complete vinyl set from his first ‘Armin Only Embrace’ show above.

Last Friday, the legendary act announced the return of Armin Only to Sydney on Saturday 28 January, 2017 – one show only!

The show is to comprise a solo performance of Armin van Buuren, joined by live performances, dance acts, striking visuals, special effects, and, of course, a lot of music from his ‘Embrace’ album.

Watch the incredible set above.

Video: Watch the first 15 minutes of Armin Only Embrace here

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