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13 Aussie Trance DJ’s Share Their Tune Of The Year

It’s been a good year, and it’s only getting better!

What a year it has been. Aly & Fila’s ‘The Other Shore’ album tour, ‘Pure Trance’, Stereosonic, ‘Genesis White’ and ‘Armin Only Intense’, were definitely the biggest highlights of the year for Australia’s trance community. It’s also been an incredible year to listeners of the A State Of Trance show – celebrating the 650th episode across the globe and announcing Melbourne and Sydney as the two cities for next year’s massive ASOT 700 Celebration Weekend.

We asked 13 Australian Trance & Progressive DJ’s/producers to reflect upon the past 12 months, and share their most favourite tunes of 2014 – see their picks below and make sure to check out our 2015 trance festival merch – singlets & tees available here – perfect for ASOT 700 and NYE with Above & Beyond!


 Thomas KnightThomas Knight (NSW)

“Rescue Me (Allen & Envy Remix)”– Ferry Tayle feat. Erica Curran / listen here.

The reason that I have chosen Ferry Talye’s track ‘Rescue me’ is because it’s been a while that a vocal such as this has grabbed my attention every time I hear it. Teaming up with the magnificent voice that is Erica Curran, her voice has enhanced the vocals and created a timeless song. I chose the Allen & Envy remix because, well let’s just say……can these boys do any wrong!!!


Illuminor Illuminor (WA)

“Illusion (Matt Lange Remix)” – VERSA / listen here.

It’s always tough picking a favourite tune – but if we’re going for originality and technicality, it has to be Matt Lange’s remix of “Illusion” – VERSA. I always hang out to hear whatever production sorcery Matt Lange will come up with and this is no exception to his now long line of sonically innovative tunes. Fortunately, Matt hasn’t sacrificed any of the raw emotion in favour of a more ‘technical’ prowess – with an awesome dub inspired breakdown, this years favourite tune is certainly not one I’m ever going to forget.


Amy ParnellAmy Parnell (NSW)

“Horizons” – Dan Sieg / listen here.

This track has been on repeat for me since I first heard it. It is beautifully produced and has a whimsical, soulful vibe yet still has the right balance of melancholy which gives the listener a proper journey. A perfect progressive track.


Thomas HayesThomas Hayes (VIC)

“Hindsight” – Audien / listen here.

This track is utter beauty from start to finish; the production is pure class and has been a go-to tune in my sets over the course of 2014. The emotion and energy in this track is something special, it gives me a feeling of moving forward to bigger and better things whilst leaving life behind and submerging into another place where nothing else but what I’m hearing matters. “Hindsight” by Audien is my tune of the year for 2014.


AvianAvian (NSW)

“U (Bryan Kearney Remix)” – Gareth Emery feat. Bo Bryce / listen here.

When I was first asked this question, one track immediately came to mind. Generally speaking when it comes to vocal tracks, I tend to only play those which strike a chord with me personally or which I feel my audience can associate with. Bryan Kearney’s remix of Gareth Emery’s “U” feat. Bo Bryce stands out in that regard and for this reason is my tune of the year for 2014.


ExcavatoreXcavator (VIC)

“On Fire (Aly & Fila Remix)” – Luke Bond feat. Roxanne / listen here.

My favourite Trance track for 2014 would certainly have to be the Aly & Fila remix of “On Fire” Luke Bond feat. Roxanne Emery. The remix that Aly & Fila produced gives me goosebumps and chills every time I hear it and truly believe it will be a future classic. I absolutely love the vocals in the song and the melody that drops at the peak of the track is very fitting. The drive and uplifting energy put into the overall track was amazing and I believe it should be a part of every Trance DJ’s music library.


SimonLovellSimon Lovell (NSW)

  “Fear” – Luke Bond feat. Danyka Nadeau / listen here.
It’s really hard to go past Ilan Bluestones remake of Satellite, Cosmic Gate’s “Falling Back” or Beat Service’ devastating remake of “Touch Me as my favourite track of the year.  However, the vocals Danyka Nadeau delivers in Luke Bond’s new track “Fear” are second to none! It is a unique track that hits you right in the feels by offering fresh melodic sounds that have arrived just in time for the Australian summer!!


RodmanRodman (NSW)

“Haunted” – MaRLo feat. Jano / listen here.
First, it’s a definite crowd pleaser! Looking back at Stereosonic Sydney, the moment Marlo opened his set with an intro mix of “Haunted”, the crowd went absolutely ballistic! Next, it has the attributes of a true classic. High energy levels, euphoric atmosphere thanks to Jano’s beautiful vocals, thumping bass for that big drop, plus a very stabby and catchy melody. Marlo & Jano both really pulled this one from the top drawer, it’s undeniably a huge hit & has my vote for Tune of the Year 2014.



Carl McDineCarl DynaMcX (VIC)

“Shine On The Dark Side Of The Moon (Neptune Project)” – Pink Floyd / listen here.

Reason being is that I’m really loving what they are doing right now, they did this remix as a tribute to Pink Floyd to thank them for their influence on music history and their influence on them personally which I think deserved recognition…not to mention that the remix is incredible!


Johnny LJohnny L (VIC)

“Shelter (Photographer Remix)” – Dash Berlin feat. Roxanne Emery / listen here.

My favourite track of 2014 is the Photographer remix of “Shelter” – Dash Berlin. The reason I have chosen this track is because it has beautiiful uplifting vocals, it is very catchy and powerful along with an amazing piano ballad – rating: 10/10! I would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe 2015!


allywayallyway (VIC)

“Need You Now (How Many Times) (Bryan Kearney Remix)” – Plumb / listen here.

My goosebumps track of 2014 is this remix of Plumb by Bryan Kearney. This is a song about coping with desperate times, which comes out of Plumb’s illness and depression. I think we can all relate to it. It’s a unique intersection between trance and contemporary Christian music that gives it an extra layer of uplifting and heartfelt hope. Plumb has said, “hope is oxygen;” and for us, trance is too. Together, this tune a double hit of the good stuff.


ibazzIbazz (NSW)

“Snapdragon” – Ilan Bluestone  / listen here.

A recent release yet the perfect example of an ingeniously crafted tune by the up-and-coming talent, Ilan Bluestone. I’ve chosen this track to be the tune of the year for me as it accurately encapsulates the euphoric & progressive sound that I as a trance DJ/Producer, am aspiring for in my productions. After hearing “Snapdragon” for the first time, I realised an almost immediate connection to the melody that Ilan had incorporated into his production. That instant pull and eye-opening moment you get after listening to a track such as this is what keeps me motivated to produce great music. Ilan consistently delivers this example of musical prowess in his productions and is a huge reason why he continues to inspire and bring out the best in me as well as trance lovers all over the world!


 brads1Brads1 (VIC)

“Velocity In French” – Adam Ellis / listen here.

For me, the standout track of 2014 was Velocity In French by Sheffield producer Adam Ellis. Establishing himself as a name to watch in 2013 with his remixes of Paul Oakenfold’s Bullet in the Gun and John O’Callaghan’s Big Sky, his breakout original track Napalm Poet was soon on the playlist of trance DJs worldwide and his subsequent productions have featured frequently on Armin’s ASOT.

I love how Adam brings to the table what many call ‘Pure Trance’ but it is far from ‘old school’ and is fresh, new and engaging. His track, Velocity in French from March 2014 was a real standout and showed that uplifting could be catchy and hook-laden without being overly formulaic. I go so far to call him the future of trance…and if he’s the future then we’re in good hands! :D”

Sydney DJ, Rob Tech has also recently contributed to this feature:

DJ Rob TechRob Tech (NSW)

“The Reason” – Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Natalie Gioia / listen here.

This track has a beautiful vocal line which has inspired me to create vocal trance which I don’t often do. This track has so many awesome elements to it from the uplifting trance bass in the background to the awesome synth lead plucks which take the lead when there are no vocals. This track has a beautiful melody and is such a nice track to sit back and listen to what ever the circumstances may be.

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

My name is Miguel, and i'm a trance addict.

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