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Darude’s iconic ‘Sandstorm’ to be played on repeat for 24 hours on radio

Sandstorm marathon this Friday!

Source: Darude's Sandstorm music video

For an entire day, Darude’s much-loved anthem ‘Sandstorm’ will be all you hear on Finnish radio station, HitMix.

Sandstorm superfans rejoice, HitMix are honouring the 20th year anniversary of the iconic tune by playing it on their radio show for 24-hours straight on Friday November 15.

A belter of a tune, ‘Sandstorm’ was originally released on 26 October 1999 by Finland’s 16 Inch Records and took the world by storm at the turn of the new millennium, reaching high up into the charts across the globe. Standing the test of time for two decades, it has grown into one of the biggest dance classics.

Listen to the Sandstorm marathon on Friday here and check out the music video below.

Darude – Sandstorm:

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