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Aussie Trance trio Elucidus talk touring with Ferry Tayle & exciting new music

Elucidus are ready to take Sydney on a mind-blowing journey.


Aussie Trance trio Elucidus are in the midst of their biggest tour to date, playing across the country this past week alongside Trance hero Ferry Tayle.

Elucidus bring musical ecstasy to those in need of pure Trance energy, and they will take Sydney fans on a mind-blowing journey this Friday night at Jam Gallery, Bondi Junction.

We recently caught up with the talented trio to talk about their current tour with Ferry Tayle, new music and all things Trance.

You’ve hit the road with Ferry Tayle on his tour in Australia – how excited are you to be touring across three cities?

We have to be honest, when Ferry asked us to go with him, we’ve been on cloud 9 since! We already did our Melbourne and Perth debuts, and it was something we always dreamed about. We’ve played some amazing shows in Sydney but we’ve never been able to play outside our great city, so we’re definitely on a high right now and feel like we’re kicking goals!

What’s the next move for Elucidus production-wise? Are there any big projects you’re working on that you’d like to share with us?

Yeah actually something we’re been wanting to shout from the roof tops, which you may have seen by now, Rich (Solarstone) has given us an unreal opportunity to have one of our remixes including on the forthcoming Pure Trance Vol. 6 album, due out on October 27. We are also working on an original for FSOE Fables, and we have a special collab almost complete for an artist album . . . not sure if we’re allowed to share that at the moment but trust me . . . its BIG! We wanted to finish both productions before the tour to test as ID’s, but it doesn’t look like we will be finished in time, and we would rather not rush, and get them sounding perfect as we take the next step in our producing careers much further.

With three people behind the decks and in the studio, do you find you influence each other?

It definitely has its ups and downs, as you could imagine haha, and not every DJ box is big enough. But we actually have more fun when all three of us are up there, doing what we love and having a laugh. Our studio sessions definitely are at their peak when we can all make it in, we’ll each have own input, have different ideas of how we want to progress a project which usually sparks a sort of creative whirlwind. The hardest part is only having one mac to get the ideas down before we forget haha! Being in the studio is like our escape from the stress of our 9-5’s so we like to make it a happy relaxed environment.

What can Trance music lovers expect from your upcoming set tomorrow night in Sydney? Will you be playing new material?

We will definitely be playing our remix from the Pure Trance album, the other new stuff will have to stay under wraps at the moment until its complete and signed off by all three of us. We will be playing at different times in the night in each state so each set will be very different in the bpm ranges but still very pure, uplifting, techy and energetic with some of our own productions thrown in for good measure!

Is there anything you’d like to say to your die-hard fans?

We honestly can’t thank them enough for supporting us, we get people asking us for t shirts to wear and telling us they want to come interstate with us on tour. They are just an incredible bunch of people, we appreciate them so much. We apologise for not releasing material more frequently but we promise it will be worth the wait, just hang in there! We cant wait to party with you all on this tour, especially our home town, the finale of the tour, Sydney!

Grab tix to their gig with Ferry Tayle in Sydney tomorrow night.

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

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