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EXCLUSIVE: Allen Watts talks launch of his new label ‘High Voltage Recordings’

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Taking his career to the next level, Allen Watts has expanded beyond his production talents and started up his own record label, ‘High Voltage Recordings‘.

With many years of expertise producing mind-blowing entrancing hits, Allen Watts saw the need for a label that fosters the unique talents of new and underrated Trance artists while also giving them a powerful platform to share their music with fans around the world.

In an exclusive interview with Trance Project, Allen Watts shared his excitement around the decision to begin his ‘High Voltage Recordings’ imprint and what can be expected from the label.

See our catch up with Allen Watts below!

Could you tell us a bit about how High Voltage Recordings came about?

It has been a long term goal of mine to be able to have my own label, i felt that there has been a massive influx of great new talent within the trance scene as of late and i have built some great relationships with some of these new guys.

Many music promos i had been receiving were signed on various other labels, and i was enjoying plus supporting them on my radio show, High Voltage Radio. More recently throughout 2020, where we’ve all been at home through the pandemic, i launched my weekly livestreams on Twitch every Monday. As its weekly, you can’t play the same music week after week, so 2020 really showed me how much great music was available to be signing and it was the perfect time to get the label all set up to start signing tracks.

How would you describe the High Voltage Recordings sound?

I am very fussy with what i like within trance. Melody has to capture me and stand out, the quality of production has to be at a level that i would pick to play in front of a packed out arena. I look for high octane, big melody, peak-time trance. If it makes me dance in my seat, then its a winner!

I have been so inundated with top quality music that i have three quarters filled of this years calendar already! I am really excited for you all to hear the music coming from High Voltage Recordings this year!

What’s the best advice you can give to producers that want to have their tracks released on High Voltage Recordings?

Take your time, don’t rush your productions and make sure you have learnt to perfect your track and sound. I feel the best advise i could give to producers is even when you make slightly different styles of tracks within trance, it should still have your signature sound that fans can pick out and say, “oh, its a track by you!”

I am open to signing new and established artists on the label, as long as it fits the sound of the label, I’m happy to listen to your submissions.

Also a big tip to new producers, when sending your productions to labels, be patient, wait for an answer and feedback before sending it to other labels.

Which artists will have their music released under the High Voltage Recordings imprint, so far?

The first release on the label was the massive ‘Pegasus’ from Yoshi & Razner, which flew into the charts into the Top 30, i have been blown away by the support and feedback I’ve received on the launch of the label.

‘Sunreaver’ has recently been released from the super talented Kenny Palmer who has really been making some waves of late with some superb releases and caught my eye, so i had to get him involved. March 19th you will see the fabulous talent of Australian prodigy Jody 6 with his track, ‘Drops’, which is massive! Glad to have him on the label! These three records i had the pleasure of debuting on ASOT 1003 as a guest.

Some other names i have involved throughout the year are Kinetica, Bixx, Pierre Pienaar, David Nimmo and a superb track by Michael Kealios, plus many many more. I can assure you your’e going to love the music incoming for the label.

Looks like now is a good time to start getting those demos together and send it his way!

Preview Jody 6’s forthcoming single ‘Drops’:

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