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Factor B indulges his progressive side in new Highlandr EP, ‘Particles’

With his new ‘Particles’ EP, you’re in for something particularly special.

Factor B

Factor B’s new ‘Particles’ EP, produced under his Highlandr alias, is a delightful thrill.

Toning down the intensity of his much-loved style without losing its feel for Trance, Factor B brings out the beauty of his beloved sound with his new moniker, Highlandr.

Guaranteeing a surreal experience from start to finish and beyond, his new Particles EP is a three-track surge of luscious atmospherics and ever-evolving melodies. As each track progresses, you can’t help bobbing your head to the beat and drifting along with the grooves and exquisite soundscapes. This EP shows exactly why the Highlandr sound has recently been making waves across the scene.

Check out the tracks from his ‘Particles’ EP below.

Particles (Extended Mix):

Are We Falling (Extended Mix):

Kingdom Burns (Extended Mix):

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

My name is Miguel, and i'm a trance addict.

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