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Factor B’s new tune ‘Bravo’ hits full throttle on Subculture

Factor B returns to Subculture!

Factor B is by far one of the most prolific producers of today and one of the true driving forces behind the modern era in Trance music.

His impressive catalogue features tunes with big impact that manage to capture you and outshine the rest, and this is exactly what you can expect on his latest pounding release on Subculture.

Thrilling and enrapturing in its build-up, his new single ‘Bravo’ unfolds into an anthem of quality Trance that will get under your skin, taking you in completely. It’s got the energy and power to move both mind and body, and has all potential of becoming another future classic in Factor B’s discography.

Listen to Factor B’s ‘Bravo’ below.

Factor B – Bravo:

Listen on Soundcloud:

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

My name is Miguel, and i'm a trance addict.