Fady & Mina talk new single ‘Akemi’ & future production plans

You can expect truly amazing records from Fady & Mina this year.

Our fans have been always a source of inspiration and that’s what keeps us going,” Fady & Mina reveal to The Trance Project.

Without doubt, Fady & Mina are one of the fastest rising acts in the Trance scene, filling dance floors all over the globe and constantly releasing impressive records.

Their latest hit ‘Akemi’ has seen an enormous reaction with fans after Aly & Fila dropped the single during their recent ASOT Festival performance in Utrecht. The duo hits the right spot with the incredible feel of ‘Akemi’, it’s an uplifting piece of outstanding quality.

The Egyptian duo spoke with us about their future production plans, “we are working on our second vocal track with one of the most talented and beautiful voices, and currently finalising two more bangers,” they said. 

In the recent interview they also talk about working on a new album and reveal how their fans inspire them to keep going. 

What can we expect from you in the near future production-wise? Any exciting things your fans should be looking forward to?

Since 2016 we have been focusing more and more with a lot of studio sessions, we have a new single ‘Akemi’, it was premiered during the ASOT 800 celebrations with massive feedback so far. It’s coming out on FSOE Recordings on March 20, so mark your calendars! We are also working on our second vocal track with one of the most talented and beautiful voices, and currently finalising two more bangers, so we promise our very dedicated and beautiful fans to release a wide variety of tracks. Last but not least, we have started the preparations for our first artist album, we are not releasing it soon, but we are trying to write a musical story that will be memorable for everyone.

How is 2017 treating you both so far? Any exciting touring gigs coming up?

2017 has been totally different since we started focusing on producing hit after hit. We are happy to keep a very high standard of what we release for the people. Actually, we’ve recently have been getting alot of booking requests, we got booked for one of the biggest festivals in the world in Europe, we can’t reveal exactyl where until they officially announce it, and we’re playing in Cairo this April, plus we’re also preparing our second Australian tour this year, along with other requests to be confirmed soon.

Constantly producing solid records, what inspires you to create mind-blowing tunes?

Creating a piece of music is all about the feeling of it. Variety of experiences, meeting people, traveling around the world, getting to know as much as we could about different styles and cultures. It makes the musical journey really worth it, and that’s the main idea about sharing the musical experience globally.

Fady & Mina at FSOE400 in Egypt.

What’s the best part about having a career in music?

As we said before, we believe musicians have a message to deliver, a message that would touch people’s heart and bring them together. We believe unity and spreading love across the globe is that message that we carry. Music is a universal language that can change the world.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your die-hard fans?

Our fans have been always a source of inspiration and that what keeps us going. We are showing our identity, sharing our experience and letting everyone feel our music, and we promise our fans that this will always be our way forward in expressing our love for music with quality crafted tracks and music to live long, creating memories and special moments in people’s minds.

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