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EXCLUSIVE: Ferry Corsten talks epic Aussie debut of classic alias, System F

We caught up with System F!

Throughout the past two decades, the sound of System F has moved millions of music lovers and is part of Trance legacy.

Ferry Corsten has kept the spark of diversity going under countless monikers, of which System F is one of the most successful.

The face behind legendary all-timers like ‘Out The Blue’, ‘Exhale’ with Armin van Buuren, ‘Cry’, ‘Spread Your Wings’, ‘Together’ and many more top notch releases, once again returns to his System F alias with two huge performances in Australia, hitting Dreamstate Melbourne and Atlantis Sydney this weekend.

We caught up with Ferry Corsten ahead of his much-anticipated Australia tour – see our interview below!

We’re thrilled to have you back Down Under for the Aussie debut of your System F revival!  How excited are you for your return to Australia and what can Aussie fans expect from your highly-anticipated sets in HQ Adelaide, Dreamstate Melbourne and Atlantis Sydney?

I’m super excited to be back in Australia. It’s always nice go back to that side of the world. I’ve been going there for years now and it’s come to the point that every time I go back I feel like I’ve come home. I think my Aussie fans can expect the System F trance sound in a massive way. It’s bringing back melodic tunes in a modern twist.

Why have you decided to bring back the classic alias and are there any big production plans for brand new System F tracks?

I decided to bring back my dear alias System F purely because after I brought Gouryella, my fans were begging me to bring back System F too. At the same time System F turned 20 so it was a perfect moment to celebrate the Alias. I always say never say never so I won’t disregard bringing out a new System F track.

Your much-loved System F hit ‘Out Of The Blue’ was released over 20 years ago – What do you miss most about the ‘90s Trance era?

Ha! Funny enough, I actually miss the vinyl aspect of playing during those days. There is something very raw about DJing during that period. On the other hand, I absolutely love playing USBs. It definitely is easier to travel with those instead of records.

What do you love most about Aussie gigs and the Aussie Trance community?

I love the Aussies. I actually launched my Gouryella premiere show down under and that response was overwhelming. It was such a great show. Both large festivals and club shows are equally amazing and the Aussie trance community are fiercely loyal.

Would you like to share any final words for all your die-hard Aussie fans?

Thanks so much for the interview! I can’t wait to go down under!

Ferry Corsten Australia Tour 2019:

Oct 4 – HQ Complex Adelaide
Oct 5 – Dreamstate Melbourne
Oct 6 – Atlantis Sydney
Oct 6 – Marquee Sydney

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

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