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Gaia’s much-anticipated debut album could be out much sooner than you think

Armin van Buuren teases fans with an epic 15-second Gaia video.

Armin van Buuren has tweeted an epic video teaser of an announcement soon to be made under his far-famed Gaia alias, and our guess it’s something got do with the debut Gaia album he’s been working on.

It’s the moniker that Armin van Buuren and Benno De Goeij have been using since the first ‘4 Elements’ release in 2001. Reviving it in 2009 with the rapturing ‘Tuvan’ was one of the many peaks of the duo, followed by a plethora of successful hits including ‘Status Excessu D’, ‘J’ai Envie De Toi’, ‘Inyathi’, ‘Empire Of Hearts’ and more.

The exciting 10-second video teaser includes a hint to a possible album title, ‘Moons Of Jupiter’, along with an epic, galactic-themed backdrop. This new Gaia project is going to be out of this world!

With Gaia, Armin van Buuren honours his love for Trance music. “I have more creative freedom in the sense that I want to go more underground, more into that Tech sound, rather than the Armin van Buuren sound which is obviously more uplifting and melodic. I can explore more of my darkside, if you will,” the legend told Trance project during his last visit to Australia earlier this year.

Here’s the Gaia video teaser:

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

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