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GAIA’s ‘Moons Of Jupiter’ album tracklist revealed

See the full tracklist below.

Friday brings the release of Armin van Buuren and Benno de Goeij’s debut album ‘Moons Of Jupiter’, produced under their GAIA guise.

In anticipation, we’re thrilled to reveal the album’s full tracklist. Titles include ‘Metis’, ‘Thebe’, ‘Himalia’, ‘Elara’, Io’, ‘Callisto’, ‘Leda’, ‘Valetudo’, plus the three ASOT premiered tracks ‘Euporie’, ‘Carpo’, ‘Europa’, and many more.

All the gems on the album are named after the satellites orbiting Jupiter, with a total of 21 brand new genre-spanning tracks. Ranging from Ambient, Chillout to Melodic Techno and Trance, GAIA are set to take you on a spellbinding journey.

See the full tracklist below, along with the album cover art, plus pre-order on iTunes and pre-save on Spotify here.

GAIA – Moons Of Jupiter Tracklist:

1. Metis
2. Adrastea
3. Amalthea
4. Thebe
5. Themisto
6. Leda
7. Himalia
8. Jupiter LXXI (S 2018J1)
9. Jupiter LXV (S 2017J4)
10. Lysithea [Sine Square Noise]
11. Elara
12. Dia [Computer Electronic]
13. Carpo
14. Io
15. Europa
16. Ganymede
17. Callisto
18. Euporie
19. – (Lost) (S 2003J12) [Moons Of Jupiter]
20. Valetudo
21. Jupiter LX (S 2003J3)

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