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Genesis Took It To The Next Level

In Genesis We Trust.

Genesis White, the concept from Sydney promoter Genesis Industries, brought its annual White Party to Sydney’s iconic Luna Park on November 1 and The Trance Project was there!

8 hours of mind-blowing music from an incredible line-up of International DJs and local talent, a spectacular lightshow and hands in the air action, left memories for years to come. We knew that Sydney had some very passionate trance fans. But the energy and love that we felt during Genesis White was incredible!

Next to the DJ’s and clubbers enjoying the main stage, Genesis White also offered a separate area – Terrace Arena, filled with quality music and a great vibe.

Genesis continues to be one of the leading innovators in Australia’s trance scene today – hosting Voodoo, their successful weekly trance club night in Sydney’s Home Nightclub and holding larger trance events at venues across Sydney. From sound to incredible lightshows, Genesis execute events with precision and demonstrate a high level of expertise and experience.

Genesis White has definitely left an impact, not only on the trance fans but also on the DJs:

“Sydneeeeey!! Such a great event, thanks everyone at Genesis White…See you next time!” Menno de Jong posted on social media.

“Wow Genesis White is off the charts, congrats Genesis for such an awesome party!” 7 Skies tweeted.

Wow!!! Sydney was incredible tonight! Much love.” Khomha posted.

We’re still buzzing from what has been the biggest edition of Genesis White ever. Bring on Genesis White 2015!

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Find more Genesis White photos here.

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

My name is Miguel, and i'm a trance addict.

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