Giuseppe Ottaviani dreaming of the days ‘Till We Meet Again’ on the dancefloor

Listen to Giuseppe Ottaviani’s new single below.

Photos: Giuseppe Ottaviani Source: Facebook

We’re absolutely missing those nights that turned into mornings and the friends on dancefloors that turned into family.

We’re all anticipating the first rave back from lockdown and Giuseppe Ottaviani’s new single title ‘Till We Meet Again’ perfectly fits how we all feel right now; that urge to reunite with the Trance Family on dancefloors across the globe.

Since the coronavirus lockdown, most of the world’s nightlife has shut down, but that hasn’t stopped Giuseppe Ottaviani from churning out astounding productions and performing extraordinary online sets.

He keeps the music flowing with his latest masterpiece ‘Till We Meet Again’ on Armind. Its exquisite arrangement and euphoric soundscapes will crawl under your skin, if the melody didn’t already.

A Trance gem that’ll enrapture you at an instant, Giuseppe Ottaviani offers a breathtaking production that many Trance fans can’t wait to fist-pump to when club nights open again.

Listen to Giuseppe Ottaviani’s ‘Till We Meet Again’ below.

Giuseppe Ottaviani – Till We Meet Again:

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