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How Your Favourite Aussie DJ Got Their Name Part 1

Ever wonder how DJs come up with names?

Learn how some of your favourite Aussie DJs got their name.

Pinkque (VIC)

Pinkque (pronounced pink-you / pin-queue) was actually a spelling mistake of an email address I was typing when I was 16. I was suppose to write pinkie but typed pinkue and at that age I kind of thought it sounded unique, so I added the Q. I then used it for online gaming usernames haha, when it came to picking an artist name, I decided to use it!”

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HP Source (SA)

“The idea came from our former DJ Alias’ – DJ Haydz and DJ Packer. The H is for Haydz The P is for Packer, and the Source is because we are the Source of the music we create!”

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Exis (VIC)

“I got my Artist name from a George Orwell book called ‘1984’ (coincidentally, I was born in 1984!). It’s about ‘Existentialism’ which means “the individual is solely responsible for giving their own life meaning and living that life passionately and sincerely” and it really resonated with me and still does today!

Anyway, I started using ‘Existentialist’ as my gamer tag in the game Counter-Strike, however, when people would chat to me they would shorten it to ‘Exis’ and I really liked that too so I changed it. I then used ‘Exis’ for everything from games, usernames to my artist name today!”

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“The inspiration behind our name came from the idea of having something short and marketable to bass our brand around, it took us a while to come up with something but after a night out (and a few drinks) Caleb proposed that we name our duo “GLAED” which incidentally turned out to be the Danish word for happiness which is exactly what we wish to express through our music.

Other than it sounding really cool to us, it’s something that is really universal and simple that we can stick with for as long as our career plays out.”

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Taglo (QLD)

“I was on a boat party with Dirty South, Stafford Brothers headlining. I was sitting down and next to me was a DJ roadcase where they would transport the decks around in. Written on top of the case was the word “TAG”, which one of my friends decided to point at me and call me “DJ TAG”. From there the name TAG stuck, but thought it sounded pretty silly, so i decided to add to it. Of course, i had to add my fascination of glow sticks to the name… which started off as TAG-GLOW… then TAGLOW…. then finally, TAGLO.

Its random, and doesn’t mean anything, but for some reason, everyone remembers that name and it sticks haha!”


Elucidus (NSW)

“When we done our first tracks as Delage&Tonto we always knew we’d have a single name but it just took us that long to find something, we would text each other daily and someone would always shoot it down haha! It was too confusing for people, everyone though delage was just one person when actually it was Adriano and Roy, so we wanted people to know there were more than two of us.

That said with 3 of us in a group with quite a different dynamic in personalities it actually took us over a year to come up with something original. It was actually Adriano that came up with the name, just randomly sent a text, its an old latin name meaning to shed light on something or to make things clear which was perfect. we checked all forms of social media – not taken . . . so that will do! haha!”

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“Imagine when you are out at a club or a music event and you are enjoying that pure moment of bliss, which really puts you really in a state of trance! I believe it is up to the artist behind the decks to create exactly the right mood and atmosphere through their engaging, quality sets. So it only made sense that I made the decision to use AURA as my own artist name, as this is what I set out to achieve through my sets and my music.”

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Elusive Sense (VIC)

“Well my original artist name was ‘Ancient Astronaut’ – which I had used for quite a while, however sometime mid-last year I found out that another artist had already been using the same name, so instead of contesting the name I decided to rebrand – hence the name ‘Elusive Sense’ was born.

The meaning behind ‘Elusive Sense’ derives from my own personal and philosophical outlook on life; that everyone seeks to find some sort of existential purpose in a seemingly abstract and meaningless world – whilst truly never knowing if all the searching and introspection will lead to a higher reality of knowing the ‘real’ world or yourself. That is basically the meaning behind the name.”

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

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