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Cosmic Gate talk ‘Materia Chapter.Two’ new album, Aussie tour & classics set

Cosmic Gate’s new album and tour is going to blow your mind!

As Cosmic Gate prepare to kick off their Australia tour in just a few weeks with Emma Hewitt, the legendary duo are also thrilled to be releasing their new album ‘Materia Chapter.Two’ on the day they start their Aussie tour in Sydney on September 1.

“We have already dropped some of the new tracks from Materia Chapter.Two at some European festivals like Tomorrowland, and now we can’t finally wait to start the official tour in Australia!” Cosmic Gate said.

After already releasing two hit singles from their smashing ‘Materia Chapter.Two’ new album, including ‘Tonight’ with Emma Hewitt and the jaw-dropping team-up with Markus Schulz ‘AR’, Cosmic Gate are now ready to make their way to Australia and showcase the entire new chapter of Materia.

“We received so much positive welcoming feedback from you guys Down Under when we announced the tour, it was just fantastic, so hopefully we see you all for the tour and create some more magic moments together!”

Cosmic Gate‘s tour will reach Sydney (Sept. 1), followed by massive shows in Melbourne (Sept. 2), Brisbane (Sept. 8) and Perth (Sept. 9), playing sets that cover tunes from ‘Materia Chapter.Two’, many of their hits from ‘Materia Chapter.One’, plus their beloved classics and club anthems. With a special performance by the incredibly talented Emma Hewitt, this tour is going to blow your mind!

The legendary duo recently spoke to Trance Project about their new album, and what fans fans can look forward to on tour.

What’s the most exciting thing about the upcoming release of your new album ‘Materia Chapter.Two’?

It’s a bit like an athlete that has trained for a special event for so long and can’t wait for it to start . . . that’s how we feel! We are excited for things to happen and finally fully share what we basically have been working on for the last year, which even after seven albums is still a very exciting moment for us. The album will be out September 1 and Australia will be first to celebrate this release with us!

Cosmic Gate rocking CityFest Czech Republic.

What was the original idea that started Materia? Where did you draw inspiration from for the second chapter of Materia?

Materia is the Latin term for matter, so basically the substance that all things are made of, and in the end, the basics of everything around us and even ourselves as human beings. When we started the first songs and demos for the album we got a feeling that even with pushing our musical boundaries, the music felt very fundamentally Cosmic Gate. The sound is very much us if we can say that, a lot of modern bits and pieces from today with elements from around 5 to 7 years ago, but also reminiscent of some of our early Cosmic Gate sounds. Basically the best of our works form throughout the years brought together! Musically, it’s essential Cosmic Gate if we can call it that.

That’s why we felt Materia was a great working title, and after a while we were like, hey . . . actually it’s better than just a working title, lets go for it! It’s different and simply reflects the music and our feel for what we were doing, and here we are.

We get inspired by so many things. It can be a gig we play, a country we travelled to, an experience we make, a song we hear on the radio or in a DJ set of another artist. Last week for example, we heard an old classic track and fell in love again with the vocal and thought maybe we should play around with that vocal.

Cosmic Gate at Tomorrowland 2017.

How did collaborating with Arnej on ‘Materia – Chapter Two’ come together?

We simply are colleagues and have been friends with Arenj for so many years, and after the success of our 2012 collaboration ‘Sometimes They Come Back For More’, we all felt it was time to do a new track together, which now finally happened on Chapter.Two of Materia. The idea of a new collab was born pretty quick, the tune is called ‘No Strings Attached’, and it’s more on the techy side of things. Check our Tomorrowland set online, you might find it there!

You’ve also collaborated with other amazing artists on the album including JES, Super8 & Tab and Eric Lumiere, just to name a few. When selecting either a vocalist or a featuring artist, how do you decide who you will work with?

At first there is always the musical aspect, the idea and creativity when working with another producer or singer. We simply have to all agree to head into the same direction – two visions in the end have to end up in a result that all sides are happy with. This is what we do like about working with other producers or singers, fresh inspiration and ideas from outside can be really refreshing and of course, add up to the variety we offer on our album. The second aspect is more personal, we do like to collaborate with people that we love hanging out with on tour. A good personal relationship does not guarantee success, but it sure makes working easier and more enjoyable too!

You also reunite with Australia’s very own Emma Hewitt on the album’s lead single, ‘Tonight’. What’s it like working with the fabulous vocalist?

Well Emma is a good example for what we just said above, we do have quite a musical history together already, and we feel like ‘Tonight’ is just another perfect collaboration that shows how good her voice and our music somehow go hand in hand, creating something unique. We have received a lot of love since the release of ‘Tonight’, and we are so happy to have Emma as support on our Australia Tour which of course, is a home match for her and makes it even extra special to have her perform live with us.

Your collaboration with Markus Schulz ‘AR’ is also set to be a huge hit with fans, what does ‘AR’ stand for?

AR stands for Augmented Reality, so a real world environment which is augmented by computer generated input like sound or video for example, seems the three Germans watch a bit too much of Big Bang Theory!

What do you hope your fans get out of ‘Materia – Chapter Two’?

Materia Chapter.Two surely walks deep in the footsteps of Chapter.One. Imagine it like a book that is released in two parts, it’s the same with the album. With the singles ‘Tonight’ with Emma Hewitt and ‘AR’ with Markus Schulz, you get an idea of what we mean When the album is released, please let us know on our socials what you guys think!

After being in the business for almost two decades, how do you keep things fresh?

We get asked this question quite often, and never really know what to say more than, writing music and DJing is our passion. We love and live for it, and wouldn’t want to do anything else! Sure the whole ‘press and play’ EDM scene with clowns jumping on the decks, marketing and social media seems to be more important these days than good music or playing a good set, and it’s not something we like, but in the end we just do our own thing, push our music to the next level, and hope our fans appreciate something different to most other music and DJs.

In addition to dropping new material from your album throughout the Aussie tour, you’ll also be playing two 1-hour classic sets in Sydney and Melbourne – what can fans expect from these rare sets?

We will play songs and classics that we do not have the chance to play too often, some of our early works and some tracks that are personal favourites of ours – that will be fun! The focus as you said will be on new music, we have a brand new album just released when the tour kicks off, so a bunch of new music will be played, mixed in with our favourite club tunes, and then switch to some classics! Typing it down already makes us smile and we’re really looking forward to it.

We wish you loads of success on your new album and tour! Do you have any final words for all your die-hard fans in Australia?

Thank you very much, we appreciate the kind words!! We really can’t wait to come back to Australia and celebrate the release of our new album with you. See you guys soon!!!

Tickets are on sale now:
Sydney: Sept 1 – Tickets
Melbourne: Sept 2 – Tickets
Brisbane: Sept 8 – Tickets
Perth: Sept 9 – Tickets

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