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Janette Bishara: “We are so lucky in Australia to have one of the best scenes in the world.”

“I have travelled around a lot, I talk to a lot of DJs and other agents and promoters and we are one of the few places in the world with such a thriving scene,” Janette exclusively told The Trance Project.

The Australian trance scene is growing bigger and better every year, from weekly club nights to large arena shows featuring some of the biggest names in the scene, we certainly are lucky!

In exclusive interview ahead of the second edition of Atlantis, Janette Bishara aka Jano opens up about her hopes for the future of Australia’s trance scene.

“We are so lucky in Australia to have one of the best scenes in the world. We have weekly trance club nights, four or more arena shows a year and a trance stage at the biggest dance music festival in the country. We also have fantastic up and coming Aussie talent which both Marlo and I are always trying to help nurture behind the scenes, whether it is Marlo playing their tracks on some of the biggest stages in the world, or passing on a track to Armin or Above & Beyond to play, getting locals a gig overseas, connecting label A&Rs with locals, or just being someone they can call or text for advice,” she said.

The spectacular ‘ABGT150’, the extraordinary celebration event for ‘FSOE400’ and the successful trance concept ‘Atlantis’ are just a few of many achievements Janette Bishara has mastered.

“I am so proud of the scene’s growth over the past 5 years,” she continued.

Read the full interview with Janette Bishara here.

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