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Australia’s Klaus Kaz talks new collab with Will Atkinson

Photos: Klaus Kaz / Will Atkinson. Source: Facebook.

Will Atkinson joins forces with Sydney’s very own Klaus Kaz on the Victims Helpline imprint.

With enormous amounts of power, banging basslines and hyper-speed melodies, Will Atkinson and Klaus Kaz’s hammering new single ‘Hard_Vox_Tekk_’ pulls out all the stops to ensure a tidal wave of euphoria.

After receiving huge support from Will Atkinson during his Colours 2020 set, Klaus Kaz reached out to the Trance hero and months later, a collab was born.

“It all started in early 2020 when I was listening to Will’s set at Colours 2020. I noticed Will played my track ‘New Dawn’ which sent shockwaves down my spine. I messaged Will to thank him, and he asked if I had other tracks to share with him. I shared a concept called “Flawless”, which he loved. I decided to pop the question and ask if he wanted to collaborate. He said yes, and we started combining our visions into the track. Back and forth for months, we sent progress and created a gremlin called, ‘Hard_Vox_Tekk,’ Klaus Kaz exclusively told Trance Project.

‘Hard_Vox_Tekk’ will become and remain the centre of your music world. This is one of those tunes that you live for!

Klaus Kaz has already touched the hearts of local Sydney punters throughout various local clubs and now linking up with Will Atkinson, he’s ready to conquer the entire Trance music world.

“It’s been a life changing experience. Turning a vision into a reality with someone with the same aspirations as me, is rare and special. Working with Will’s creative nature is mind blowing which pushed me to strive beyond my abilities. He’s a one of a kind, and there’s a good reason why he’s heavily respected in the industry. I’m forever grateful that Will was willing to hear me pitch my concept to him as a smaller artist. It shows his passion for the music scene and is a role model to me,” Klaus Kaz says.

“I love this track because its DNA is unheard of. It’s a true reflection of my sound combining multiple genres into one. It’s a fun track that keeps you guessing and wanting more and more. The reactions from the crowds are priceless.”

Will Atkinson vs Klaus Kaz – Hard_Vox_Tekk_

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

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