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Legendary music producer Robert Miles died 3 years ago today

Robert Miles mourned three years after his death.

It was three years ago today (May 9) that the legendary music producer Robert Miles died after a courageous battle with stage 4 metastatic cancer.

For Robert Miles fans, the three year anniversary of his shocking death will be a time for remembrance and celebration of his music. Artists and fans across the world have already started to honour the Trance sensation with tributes flowing through social media, playing his records that truly captured the hearts of thousands of music lovers throughout the years.

Robert Miles was at the forefront of developments in electronic music for over two decades as a composer, record producer, DJ and broadcaster, with his iconic piano-driven classic ‘Children’ enduring global fame.

The timeless hit song was to be a life-changing track for Robert in many ways, most of all perhaps in the confidence and reassurance that after much hard work and a number of initial stumbles, he had for the first time ‘found’ himself as a composer.

From the moment he first aired the track in public at a DJ set, the track built steadily from the underground, and was soon championed by DJs, selling over 5 million copies and taking the No. 1 spot in the Euro Top 100 chart for 13 consecutive weeks.

‘Children’ is one of the greatest electronic music records of all time.

Robert Miles continued to have moderate success across the globe with singles like ‘Fable’ and ‘One and One’. Over his career, he released five albums, sold over 14 million records, received many awards including a BRIT Award, a World Music Award, multiple gold and platinum discs and he even featured in film soundtracks including ‘The Bourne Identity’.

For many fans, his entrancing music is why they started listening to Trance in the first place.

Robert Miles may be gone, but his music lives on.

Robert Miles – Children:

Robert Miles – Fable:

Robert Miles feat. Maria Nayler – One & One:


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