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Markus Schulz: “It’s going to be the biggest Australian tour of my career to date”

Markus Schulz will reach Sydney this Sunday!

Returning to Sydney’s Ivy this long weekend on Sunday October 1, Markus Schulz will spoil the crowd with his signature vibes.

Few artists are as influential as Markus Schulz. He’s been a true innovator well throughout his musical career over twenty years and is, above all, a cracking DJ. He will show all of that and more during his much-anticipated sets across Australia, and if you’re a dedicated fan of the Trance goodness he offers, grab special discounted tickets to his Sydney show here and be there this Sunday!

Markus Schulz will also reach Brisbane and Melbourne, and he exclusively told Trance Project that “It’s going to be the biggest and most important Australian tour of his career to date.” 

“With it being a holiday weekend in the country, I really hope we can make it a memorable one for everyone.” Markus Schulz added.

Check out our interview with the Trance maestro below, and be prepared for a mind-blowing experience this long weekend.

What can fans expect from your Aussie tour?

This will be the most important tour I have undertaken in Australia in my career to date. And whilst the centrepiece will be on the full audiovisual performance of The Nine Skies as Dakota at Transmission in Melbourne, I’m delighted to be able to bookend it with club events in Brisbane and Sydney.

It’s one of the biggest holiday weekends in Australia and I’m really happy to spend it with you guys. And to be able to share the nights together with close friend Ferry Corsten will make it even more memorable, and most likely mischievous.

This year has seen the return of your classic alias Dakota, and you’ve released mind-blowing music and toured across the globe – what’s been the highlight of 2017 so far?

It has been that. Taking the Dakota alias and presenting it as a live musical and visual journey. I always describe the music I make as Markus Schulz, such as the Watch the World album, the livesets, Global DJ Broadcast and so on, as being for the fans – the people who mean so much to me and resonate on my frequency. But with this Dakota project, I needed to do this for me. I needed to look deep inside of my soul, travel through troubling waters and suffer through tears in order to make this show a reality.

Outside of the Dakota shows, I really enjoyed Tomorrowland this year, playing in the new arena they designed for the Trance Energy and A State of Trance stages. And the Daybreak session on the mainstage – the new track from the Watch the World Deluxe album titled Luce Prima, was specifically made for that set. It’s 14 minutes long, so I split it in half and bookended the Daybreak set with it.

And I think this year has shown again that the music being made under the trance umbrella continues to inspire and be amazing.

You’ve just dropped your new single ‘In Search of Something Better’ produced under Dakota. What’s the inspiration behind this record?

The track is located within the seventh sky in the overall journey of The Nine Skies. Sky seven is entitled “The Visionary”.

To understand the world we live in, our first instinct is to learn as much as we can about it. What I’ve become ever more aware of is that true understanding starts from within.

In Search of Something Better reflects the point in which We begin to see things clearly. We understand the purpose of the circumstances around us; developing clarity of sight and thought in the process.

Are you working on a Dakota album?

Yes indeed. I just finished it a few weeks ago actually. It will be titled The Nine Skies and based on the live show people will have seen at the likes of Dreamstate in San Francisco, EDC in Las Vegas and this weekend at Transmission in Melbourne. My goal is to release it as a standalone album around the final live presentation of The Nine Skies this year, at Transmission in Prague in November. That show is going to be filmed for DVD, and will be part of a special limited box set we are working on too.

I’m curious to see what the fans will think, because I have poured my absolute inner feelings into this project. And aside from the singles released, very little of it has been heard in regular Markus Schulz sets, and none on radio yet.

Grab discounted tickets to Markus Schulz’s Sydney show with Ferry Corsten & Driftmoon here

Catch his special Dakota set at Transmission Australia!

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