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MaRLo announces new record label ‘Reaching Altitude’ under Armada Music

Get those demos ready!

Aussie Trance powerhouse MaRLo has announced the launch of his new ‘Reaching Altitude’ label.

MaRLo has released a multitude of essential tracks over the years that embody the genre we all love, including his originals ‘Hold It Together’, ‘Atlantis’, and ‘You And Me’, in addition to his contagious collabs with Jano, ‘Haunted’, ‘The Island’ and ‘The Dreamers’. The Aussie DJ is now expanding beyond his production talents, taking his career to the next level and starting up his own record label ‘Reaching Altitude’ on Armada Music.

Excited for this next chapter, MaRLo announced the news on today’s episode of A State Of Trance: “It’s basically a platform for a lot of new talent to launch off with a big focus in Australian, but not exclusively Australian, talent. I just get given so much amazing music and i just want to have a outlet to support it to the next level.”

The announcement comes just weeks before he kicks off his much-anticipated Altitude tour in Melbourne August 5 and Sydney August 12, with both shows set to sell out. Reaching Altitude will serve as a new home for mind-blowing Trance releases, as well as for new artist talent, with its first release due out soon! Send your demos here and follow Reaching Altitude on Facebook.


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Written by Miguel Ramirez

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