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Melbourne Trance act Jinus releases epic ‘Legacy’ EP

The Trance Project exclusively caught up with Melbourne-based act, Jinus, to talk about his new ‘Legacy’ EP.

The ‘Legacy’ EP is Jinus at his best. Melodic, energetic, banging, and on top of all that: fit for the dancefloor! 

Grab ‘Legacy’ here.

“Producing music gives me a feeling second to none, it dictates my moods. If i am having great progress with a track, then I’m excited & energetic,” Jinus told The Trance Project.

“If I’m having a bad session and I can’t seem to get traction I feel flat & frustrated. It’s times like these where I take a step back and listen to some of my favourite artists to enjoy their music, gain inspiration and reset. Soon enough I’m back in business.” 

The Aussie hero also shared the inspiration behind each musical creation.


JinusWhen I started producing Legacy I wanted to create something energetic with big, fast paced synths and a driving bass line. A track that will force the crowd to go crazy.


Jinus: I wanted to convey the uncertainty & uneasiness of a journey into the universe or a metaphorical journey through life, I feel the drop is the overcoming of that uncertainty & the prevailing of the mission. In my opinion the melody in interstellar is one the of the best I’ve ever written.


JinusI incorporated a lot of dark ominous sounds into Guardians to create the feeling of impending danger, almost like being in a medieval war zone. Don’t ask how my mind works, I don’t even know.

Grab ‘Legacy’ here.

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