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Ørjan Nilsen’s much-loved alias ‘DJ Governor’ is BACK!

DJ Governor fans, rejoice!

Ørjan Nilsen in the ASOT studio.

Brand new material under Ørjan Nilsen’s ‘DJ Governor’ alias was played on ASOT today.

With his DJ Governor moniker, Ørjan Nilsen brings euphoric and deep energetic feels to his productions, and his new single ‘Re-Election’ delivers exactly that.

Out now on Armind, ‘Re-Election’ is one of those powerful tunes that will keep you enthralled every second along the way.

“It’s surreal to think that 15 years have passed since I made my first released track, ‘Red Woods’. It was at the time when Armin himself discovered me and called me on MSN. Funny thing is that I didn’t believe it was him… until I actually asked him to turn on his camera, and there he was, the man himself. Times have changed so much since then, especially what music sounds like. Back then, you couldn’t think of a track shorter than seven or eight minutes long and the sound quality was much, much lower. Nowadays, you can make an exceptional trance track that is not even 4 minutes long, and this is what I attempted with ‘Re-Election’. It’s old-school trance with a modern twist, good sound quality, a must-have melody and that dance floor energy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!” Ørjan Nilsen said in a press release.

Take in the intense, hyper-melodic vibes of this breathtaking composition and you’ll be reminded once again why DJ Governor is a firm favourite amongst the scene.

Check out DJ Governor’s ‘Re-Election’ below.

Ørjan Nilsen presents DJ Governor – Re-Election:

Download/Stream ‘Re-Election’ here

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