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Paul van Dyk reveals tracklist for new album ‘Guiding Light’

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Paul van Dyk has unveiled 14 gems to be included in his 10th artist album, ‘Guiding Light’.

Packed with euphoric atmospheres and spellbinding melodies the legendary producer is synonymous with, ‘Guiding Light’ will be released on April 17, 2020 and features an array of collaborations with Vincent Corver, Sue McLaren, Saad Ayub, Shedona, Will Atkinson, Danny Eaton, Elated, Kinetica, Eugenio Tokarev, Steve Dekay, VISION X, Bo Bruce, Vini Vici and Chris Bekker.

“It’s always an aim to inspire others through music, and that’’ my mission with my new album Guiding Light. I collaborated with some of the most talented up and coming artists in trance music over the past year, recording sessions across the world from my home studio in Berlin to hotel rooms in far corners of the globe,” Paul van Dyk says.

Aussie fans can expect to hear new music from the album throughout his much-anticipated set at Transmission Australia 2020 this Saturday at Sydney Showground – see the full tracklist below and pre-order here.

Paul van Dyk’s ‘Guiding Light’ album tracklist:

1. Deep Within – Paul Van Dyk & Vincent Corver
2. Guiding Light – Paul Van Dyk & Sue McLaren
3. You Found Me – Paul Van Dyk & Saad Ayub
4. Exhale – Paul Van Dyk & Shedona
5. Awakening – Paul Van Dyk & Will Atkinson
6. Remedy – Paul Van Dyk & Danny Eaton
7. Parallel Dimension – Paul Van Dyk & Elated
8. First Contact – Paul Van Dyk & Kinetica
9. Duality
10. Resource – Paul Van Dyk & Eugenio Tokarev
11. Impact – Paul Van Dyk, Steve Dekay & VISION X
12. Covered in Gold (PvD Club Mix) – Paul Van Dyk & Bo Bruce
13. Galaxy (PvD Club Mix) – Paul Van Dyk & Vini Vici
14. Velvet Sky – Paul Van Dyk & Chris Bekker

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

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