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Paul van Dyk drops release date & full tracklist for new album, ‘Music Rescues Me’

It’s the album the entire Trance scene has been waiting for!

‘Music Rescues Me’ will be out December 7, 2018.

Paul van Dyk has announced the upcoming release of his 9th studio album ‘Music Rescues Me,’ and dropped the full tracklist today, with an amazing set of features.

Running to 15 songs and 100 minutes playing time, the Trance legend’s new album features collabs with Lostly, Alan Wyse, Sue McLaren, Alex M.O.R.P.H., James Cottle, Chris Bekker, Plumb, Steve Dekay, Saad Ayub, Rafael Osmo, Delta One, Jordan Suckley and Project 8.

“Music has the power to clear your head, heal your heart and lift your spirits. It’s a remarkable, limitless force in our lives and unites us with people from around the world. Proud to share with you Music Rescues Me,” Paul va Dyk says.

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‘Music Rescues Me’ Album Teaser:

‘Music Rescues Me’ Tracklist:

1. Amanecer – Paul van Dyk & Lostly
2. You Are – Paul van Dyk, Alan Wyse & Sue McLaren
3. Voyager – Paul van Dyk & Alex M.O.R.P.H.
4. Echoes – Paul van Dyk & James Cottle
5. Solar Snapshot – Paul van Dyk & Chris Bekker
6. Music Rescues Me (Pvd Club Mix) – Paul van Dyk & Plumb
7. Aurora – Paul van Dyk & Steve Dekay
8. Future Memories – Paul van Dyk & Saad Ayub
9. Moments with You – Paul van Dyk & Rafael Osmo
10. Lost Angels – Paul van Dyk & Delta One
11. Accelerator – Paul van Dyk & Jordan Suckley
12. Mission Control
13. Made of Stars – Paul van Dyk & Project 8
14. Time Traveler
15. Reprise

‘Music Rescues Me’ Music Video:

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