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Here’s a sneak preview of Paul van Dyk’s new single with Pierre Pienaar ‘Stronger Together’

Paul van Dyk is unstoppable.

Paul van Dyk will kick off his new ‘Aeon’ concept with ‘Stronger Together’, his stunning new collab with Pierre Pienaar.

When two talented producers come together, a masterpiece unfolds, as is the case with ‘Stronger Together’. A melodic, euphoric trancer, ‘Stronger Together’ is a tune that’ll crawl under your skin in no time, it’s got the energy and it’s got the timeless heart of a future classic.

Paul van Dyk has been living to the rhythm of Trance for over two decades, but ‘Stronger Together’ proves that he still hasn’t lost his spark for the genre. This is a strong new highlight that’ll be welcomed by any trance-loving crowd.

Listen to ‘Stronger Together’ teaser below. Out July 21st.


Paul van Dyk & Pierre Pienaar – Stronger Together

It’s the start of a new chapter…AEON by Paul van DykMusic: Paul van Dyk & Pierre Pienaar – Stronger Together (out 7/21)Vote for the future ≡

Posted by Paul Van Dyk on Friday, 7 July 2017

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