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Perth’s Joss Langdon drops smashing uplifting trancer

“I am very excited about the release!” Joss Langdon on his new single, ‘Look To The Stars’.

Perth-based Trance act Joss Langdon has dropped his new uplifting gem ‘Look To The Stars’ on the Entrancing Music imprint and provides a mesmerising balance between power and euphoria.

“This one marks my third single which is a bit of a self-imposed milestone for me, and I am always stoked that someone believes in the music enough to stand behind it, so am thankful to label boss FLoE for supporting it,” Joss Langdon exclusively told Trance Project.

“I feel like ‘Look To The Stars’ was a bit of a step up for me in terms of production, so in that sense I am very keen for people to hear it as it is probably the track in my repertoire that resonates with me the most at the moment.”

With its wondrous melodies and stunning soundscapes, ‘Look To The Stars’ will surely cause sky-high elation.

“It feels a bit strange for me to use the word ‘fans’, but I guess for the listeners I would just love to put a smile on their face or elicit some type of positive emotional response. If they are carried away by the music and involuntarily bop around, dance or throw their hands up in the air then that’s a bonus,” he says.

“I stick around the 138-140bpm mark and really try to focus on energy and emotion using rolling basslines, big uplifting melodies and am always striving for an ethereal sort of soundscape.”

Inspired by producers including James Dymond and Metta & Glyde, Joss Langdon has an undeniable ability to create breathtaking productions.

“Trance to me is an emotional musical journey with emphasis on tension and release, depth of sound and euphoric progressions where the listener can really feel something and connect with it on a personal level, with every element working in harmony to create this blissful, atmospheric symphony. Fundamentally I think trance is a way of expressing the love we feel but can’t put into words. To me trance is also about community and bringing people together. No matter where you go, you are connected and united by the love of the music and the pursuit of a heightened state of emotional wellbeing. It might be an overused cliché but the trance community really is like a family.”

Joss Langdon – Look To The Stars:

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

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