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Protoculture goes back to his Psy-Trance roots with new record on Who’s Afraid Of 138?!

This new record marks Protoculture’s return to Psy-Trance.

Protoculture‘s Psy-Trance sound is ready to take over the world as it did over a decade ago. 

Marking the return to Psy-Trance under his new ‘Shadow Chronicles’ alias, this new venture will bring Protoculture’s much-loved underground, darker vibes back to the scene again, kicking off with his debut single ‘Love & Light’ on Who’s Afraid Of 138?!

Reminiscent of the moments when Protoculture’s Psy sound captured the hearts of thousands of fans many years ago, the Shadow Chronicles sound is as spellbinding as before while befitting the sound that thrives today. From its huge drive to the banging basslines and stunning atmospheres, ‘Love & Light’ is sure to rage through mainstages across the world this season.

Listen to ‘Love & Light’ below and get it here.


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Written by Miguel Ramirez

My name is Miguel, and i'm a trance addict.

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