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Sneijder reveals new single & brings musical ecstasy to those in need of energy

Sneijder knows how create a sound of innovation!

Sneijder’s ‘Neutralize’ is the next piece of music to reveal what this talented producer is made of.

That typical, energetic punch, pounding bassline and sweep of euphoric energy, is what Sneijder is known for. ‘Neutralize’ follows that same, beloved formula, ever-ruling the global clubs and festivals, and has also infused elements from a variety of genres.

“I set myself the challenge to make a track that had all the best elements I loved from the genres that have helped shape me and my sound as a producer and a DJ over the years: Trance, Tech Trance, Hard Trance, Techno, Hard House & Hardcore. At first I thought there was no way of fusing all the standout elements, it just wasn’t working. Then one late studio session it all came together, the moment when the magic happens in the studio, the track gels and you know something special is about to be unleashed,” Sneijder explained on Facebook.

It has everything a dedicated trance fan needs to feel those much-wanted shivers. Listen to ‘Neutralize’ below and get it here.


Photo: Nathan Doran Photography

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

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