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Super8 & Tab announce new album ‘Reformation’ & drop new single

Super8 & Tab fans rejoice!

Everyone’s favourite Trance duo, Super8 & Tab have announced details of their new album ‘Reformation’ and along with it, dropping their new single.

Super8 & Tab will release Part 1 of their third major studio album ‘Reformation’ on February 23, and it’s available for pre-order today.

A sublime offering from the Finnish trance icons, ‘Reformation’ marks one of the most rousing albums of 2018. Packing six killer tracks including ‘Seconds Away‘, Armin-favourite ‘Pressure’, ‘Cosmo’, the goliath Beatport No. 1 hit ‘Mega’ and ‘Falling Into You’, this album is a sonic beast unleashed.

The new album also includes their brand new single ‘True Love’ with Swedish songstress Envy Monroe. From Envy’s stunning vocals to the entrancing melodies and strong drive, this new release of Super8 & Tab is sure to get you on cloud nine.

In a recent press release, duo member Janne says the album has been about “keeping that forward momentum going.”

“We’ve tried to break old habits, bringing new elements to the music and how we work in the studio. We have a new label and a new team of people working on our team. This all creates a whole new vibe.”

Easily one of the most anticipated albums this year, ‘Reformation’ is as melodically unmatched as it is energetic.

“With so much evolution and change within Super8 & Tab, it’s hard not to feel a strong sense of anticipation,” Super8 & Tab duo member Miika reflects.

“Everything feels so exciting again to me. It feels like it did back in the days when we were releasing our first tracks. It’s time to take that excitement on tour and to the clubs and really see it developing into new dimensions.”

Listen to their new single ‘True Love’ below and pre-order Part 1 of ‘Reformation’ here.

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