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    Heatbeat’s ‘Mechanizer’ gets the WAIO treatment, and it’s tremendous

    After five months of its initial release, Heatbeat’s massive ‘Mechanizer’ gets a brand new take from WAIO. When looking for an expert in the harder side of the genre, we find WAIO high up the list. The Psy-Trance juggernaut DJ and producer knows all about how to re-work a track to peak-time standards. Hammering down […] More

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    Heatbeat continue to wow the crowds & drop new solid Trance banger

    Heatbeat’s trademark sound continues to spread, through the energetic ‘Section 9’. The Argentinian duo goes all-in on full-throttle Trance and enrapturing basslines. ‘Section 9’ is a A tune that grabs you, holds you and doesn’t let go. They’ve created a tune that’s bound to roam the dance floors long after its release on their label, Aerys […] More

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    Heatbeat have unleashed an absolute screamer of a tune

    Heralding beautiful devastation as it rumbles in the deep, ‘Thunderbolt’ is the next electrifying monster cut from Heatbeat. Able to fry sound systems and human beings alike, this supercharged bringer of carnage is what a hazardous voltage sounds like. Throw your hands to the air and embrace the power as ‘Thunderbolt’ strikes. Listen to ‘Thunderbolt’ […] More

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    Heatbeat just named their new single after Sydney’s most famous beach

    Continuing their string of impressive releases on their new label AERYS Records, Argentinian power-trance duo Heatbeat return with an absolute night-defining record. Named after Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach, this cut is nothing short of a monstrous tune, striking hard with its earth-shattering bass and burly kick drums, delivering unlimited power to the world. Listen to ‘Bondi’ below and get it here. […] More

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    Heatbeat & Jordan Suckley release ‘Brutal’ collab

    Striking the AERYS label hard with a cut destined for greatness, Heatbeat and Jordan Suckley tapped into an energy source more potent than a nuclear power plant. This match made in heaven led to a mighty blend of ferocious off-beat basslines, thumping kick drums and an inexplicably raw sound set. This cut is as ‘Brutal’ as music […] More

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    Argentine Trance duo Heatbeat drop slamming new single ‘Mechanizer’

    Turning the first release on their AERYS label into an absolute floor cracker, Heatbeat are getting right down to business. A machine of mass destruction, ‘Mechanizer’ drops so darn hard it may get mistaken for a high-magnitude earthquake. Word of caution: don’t stand to close to the speakers when this tune kicks in. You might get hit […] More