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    Markus Schulz reveals new Dakota album track list & release date

    Markus Schulz‘s much-loved alias Dakota has been making waves since returning to the scene this year with new singles and performances, and will soon drop a new album under the classic moniker. Markus Schulz will release his new album through Coldharbour Recordings on December 8, titled The Nine Skies, which features 18 tracks, including the […] More

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    Legendary duo 4 Strings give Markus Schulz’s ‘In The Night’ the remix treatment

    One of the world’s most beloved trance duos deliver another incredible production. 4 Strings‘ remix of Markus Schulz’s ‘In The Night’ featuring Brooke Tomlinson shines a different light on the original track, making it more fit for the peak-time moments on the dance floor. With its mellifluous melody and gentle build-up it proves to be an absolute […] More

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    Coldharbour Recordings’ 250th release has been unleashed

    Coldharbour Recordings is immensely proud to have reached a special milestone, the 250th release! In continuing the tradition with previous significant label numbers, the king of Coldharbour, Markus Schulz, takes responsibility to mark the occasion, with the aptly titled ‘Sestertius’ – the Latin term for ‘two and one half’.  With its euphoric melody, pounding beat and great […] More

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    Markus Schulz reveals what trance means to him

    Markus Schulz recently spoke to The Trance Project about all things trance! In a fascinating, in-depth interview, Markus Schulz revealed what trance music means to him. “To me, trance will always be defined by the melodies. If you examine how much influence the EDM / big room genre has borrowed from the melodies in trance, […] More