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    Trance legend Johan Gielen reworks one of the greatest classics ever

    Johan Gielen drops his rendition of the forgotten classic ‘End Of Time’ by DJ Energy & Tatana. Almost six years after the death of DJ Energy, real name Roger Beglinger, Johan Gielen hits up the High Contrast imprint with his tremendous version of ‘End Of Time’. As spellbinding as before while befitting the sound that thrives […] More

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    Svenson & Gielen’s 2002 Trance classic ‘We Know What You Did’ has been revamped

    Fifteen years after the song’s original release, Alex M.O.R.P.H. hits up the High Contrast Recordings label with his smashing version of Svenson & Gielen’s ‘We Know What You Did’. As incredible as before while befitting the sound that thrives today, Alex M.O.R.P.H. treats the classic slammer with his distinctive sound, turning it into a massive burst of […] More

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    Dennis Sheperd’s latest masterpiece ‘Reconnected’ shines in every single way

    Dennis Sheperd delivers once again, with another mesmerising masterpiece on High Contrast Recordings. Powerful, euphoric, with blistering melodies and a heart-wrenching theme, ‘Reconnected’ is alluring Trance at its best. Brace yourself for this one, because rest assured, it’ll find you on the dance floor. In other news, Dennis Sheperd has created an opportunity for upcoming producers from […] More