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    Bryan Kearney’s remake of Project Zero’s ‘Omega Six’ gets a release date

    Bryan Kearney returns to Kearnage Recordings with a staggering remake of Project Zero’s 2003 hit, ‘Omega Six’. Finally set for release July 8, Bryan Keanrey kicks off a track that’s lively with every bit of melody and each pounding beat. Its stunning soundscape will get under your skin, taking you in completely, bursting with essential […] More

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    Bryan Kearney’s latest stellar remix on Kearnage hits No. 1 on Beatport’s Trance chart

    The pride of Ireland has reached the top position on Beatport’s Trance chart today. Bryan Kearney’s massive new remix of Craig Connelly’s collab with Kat Marsh ‘Light The Way’ has reached No. 1 on Beatport’s Trance Top 100 chart, knocking down Above & Beyond’s latest single ‘Rocket Science’ to No. 2. Nothing gives off the […] More

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    Trance hero Paul Denton returns to Kearnage with the Tech smash ‘Monkey’

    Striking Bryan Kearney’s Kearnage label hard with a record destined for greatness, Paul Denton never fails to deliver. With its smashing bassline, banging beats, and pure energy, the Trance mastermind has gone all out with ‘Monkey‘ and never once thought about holding back. Throw your hands to the air and embrace the power as ‘Monkey’ […] More

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    Cold Blue’s next single ‘Rush’ fully captures all that Trance music is about

    Delivering another one of his high-powered, entrancing masterpieces, Cold Blue hits the Kearnage imprint with ‘Rush‘. Rising as yet another sterling example of Cold Blue’s far-famed sound, the Trance hero has conjured up something energetic and atmospherically astounding.  Inspiring awe with its euphoric breakdown and captivating melody, ‘Rush’ captures all that Trance stands for. Listen to ‘Rush’ […] More

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    Video has emerged of Deirdre McLaughlin performing solo acoustic of new single with Bryan Kearney

    Watch vocalist Deirdre McLaughlin perform a solo acoustic rendition of her stunning new single with Bryan Kearney. Luring you in with her unique vocals, impeccable atmosphere and soothing acoustic sound, Deirdre McLaughlin‘s solo performance of her new track with Bryan Kearney ‘Open My Mind’ will blow your mind! This brand new record is one worth remembering and Bryan Kearney will release the […] More

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    Bryan Kearney’s new single with Deirdre McLaughlin is the next big thing to hit Trance

    After its debut at ASOT 850 Utrecht and huge premiere on ASOT 859, Bryan Kearney’s new collab with Deirdre McLaughlin is set to be released June 18. An exceptional piece of music, this brand new record is one worth remembering and will offer great future memories on dance floors across the globe. Combining Bryan Kearney‘s breathtaking melodies […] More

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    Bryan Kearney brings back his slamming ‘Karney’ alias on epic collab with Shugz

    This new Tech stormer is set to make a meteoric impact wherever it ventures. Bryan Kearney is back with his ‘Karney’ guise to set his label Kearnage ablaze. Made in collaboration with Trance hero Shugz, the tech smash ‘Floorburn’ will light up the dance floor like nothing else. Firing up crowds with its tempestuous bassline, […] More

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    Will Atkinson scores another No. 1 on Beatport’s Trance chart

    After scoring No. 1 on Beatport’s Trance Top 100 last month with his remix of Dogzilla’s classic ‘Without You’, Will Atkinson returns back to the top spot with his new single ‘Leave A Message’. Bringing another colossal creation to the scene, ‘Leave A Message’ has hit No. 1 on Beatport’s Trance Top 100 chart – this […] More

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    Bryan Kearney’s new record ‘Smiler’ is sure to pump you full of adrenaline

    Bryan Kearney is bringing with his slamming signature ‘Karney’ sound on Kearnage. Bryan Kearney’s trademark sound continues to spread, through the energetic ‘Smiler”. The Trance mastermind has created another monster that is made for the prime moments on the dance floor! A belter of a tune, ‘Smiler’ surprises, intrigues and blows you away! Listen to […] More

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    Tempo Giusto teams up with Australia’s HP Source, receives massive support on ASOT

    The Finnish league of Tempo Guisto and Adelaide’s HP Source join forces for the extraordinary sounds of ‘Foul Language’. HP Source have often been referred to as one of the fastest rising talents of the new generation of electronic music producers, and their latest offering with Tech Trance maestro Tempo Guisto proves just that.  Riding […] More

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    Will Atkinson returns to Kearnage, unleashing an absolute beast of a tune ‘Bloody Nora’

    Producing one big track after another, Will Atkinson is on fire! By releasing his newest tune ‘Bloody Nora’ on Kearnage, he proves his diverse and exceptional producing skills. “Is it Trance? Is it Techno? Butter? Cheese? I’ve no idea what this is to be honest. It’s an absolute disaster designed & engineered to kick your teeth in, sometime between […] More

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    Northern Irish act Shugz gives Joint Operations Centre’s ‘Goodnight Irene’ the remix treatment

    Shugz makes his debut on John O’Callaghan’s Subculture label. With its pounding bassline and power, this hard-hitting remix is set to create carnage wherever it ventures. Originally released on Kearnage, John O’Callaghan & Bryan Kearney agreed to give Shugz the Subculture slot. His remix is certain to destroy sound systems all over the globe! This is the kind […] More

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