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The Thrillseekers Talks New Album, Australia’s Passionate Scene & Trance

“I love the Australian crowds – they are so passionate and up for it, and very well educated when it comes to trance,” Steve Helstrip, better known as The Thrillseekers, told The Trance Project.

The trance powerhouse will reach Australia this week with his ‘Escape’ album tour and will play three open-to-close sets, hitting Sydney on Friday September 23, Melbourne on Saturday September 24 and Perth on Sunday September 25.

We caught up with the legend to find out more on his highly anticipated new album ‘Escape’ and of course, to talk all things Trance.

We’re thrilled to have you back in Australia this week! What do you love most about Australia’s Trance scene?

Oh, I’m thrilled, too! I love the Australian crowds – they are so passionate and up for it, and very well educated when it comes to trance. Sydney and Melbourne were among my favourite sets last year, and I can’t wait to do it all again. Only this time, I’ll be playing open-to-close, so I’ll be able to play a much wider range of music. I’m really excited to play in Perth this year also, which couldn’t happen the last time I visited Australia.

You’ve just listened to the mastered copy of your highly anticipated album ‘Escape’ from start to finish. How excited are you for the release and how would you describe the sound of ‘Escape’

Words can’t even describe how excited I am. It’s been years in the making, and I’m so proud of every single track on there and can’t wait to share it. I’ve put everything I have into this album. There are 12 tracks in all, and each one is unique, ranging from down tempo film score pieces, through to what I like to call luxurious vocal trance. In terms of production, I’ve really pushed myself beyond anything I have achieved before, so it’s so satisfying to finally have the finished record.

Will you play many tracks from ‘Escape’ on your Aussie tour?

I’ll be playing the more club orientated tracks, for sure. In my 7 hour Melbourne set I may also play some of the more chilled tracks in my warm up. We’ll see what happens. I don’t like to plan my sets beyond the first few tracks. I prefer to just go with the flow and let the set build organically.

What does Trance mean to you?

Trance has been such a big part of my life for so long now that it has become a way of life for me. The music, the people and sense of community at events is so different to any other genre I have experienced. I’m all about making music that brings something meaningful to people’s lives. Trance is my ‘escape’ from the mundane. And that’s what my album is all about.

Do you have any final words for all your die-hard Aussie fans?

Yes! I look forward to partying with those of you that can come to one of my shows. Let’s create some amazing memories, make new friends, and make this tour one for the books! See you soon, party people!

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