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Trancendence Member of the Month: Helena Vee (Sydney)

In this brand new regular feature, we interview members from Australia’s online Facebook group, Trancendence, to explore their love and passion for the genre.

Meet December’s Member of the Month . . . Helena Vee from Sydney, Australia.

Helena first discovered Trance at an event in Ibiza when she was 19 years old and after hearing Above & Beyond’s ‘Tri-State’ and ‘Group Therapy’ albums, her love affair with Trance started soon after. The first Trance record she instantly fell in love with was ‘Find (Andy Moor Remix)’ by Ridgewalkers Featuring El. “That track is the epitome of trance,” she says.

Read more about Helena’s love for trance below and join Trancendence here.

All-time favourite Trance act?

I’m definitely a classics girl so anything from Paul van Dyk up until 2009 is for me (specifically his essential mix from 2000 and his Cream Amnesia set on September 18, 2003 – I’ve honestly played them both to death).

However, John O’Callaghan never ceases to impress me. I think I’ve seen him 7 times now!

Favourite Trance song right now?

It’s so hard to pick one, but I adore ‘Marrakech’ by Simon Bostock and ‘Maitri’ by M.I.K.E. Push. Can’t wait to see Push next year!

What Trance tune have you’ve cried to (or almost have…)?

Two tracks in my years of raving: ‘Autumn Tactics (Thrillseekers remix)’ by Chicane and ‘I’ll Listen’ by Armin van Buuren.

Honestly I want to cry at more events, producers please bring more feels.

Favourite Trance vocalist?

Definitely a tie between Stine Grove and Jennifer Rene.

Favourite all-time Trance event you’ve attended anywhere across the globe?

Godskitchen at Global Gathering in the UK hands down.

What does Trancendence mean to you?

It’s an outlet for my music connection but at the same time it’s sharing a strong passion with like-minded people. It’s a lovely thing to know that I’ve met some great people through this group and I have learnt so much through each individual’s music tastes.

What do you love most about Australia’s Trance scene?

I love how close we are. Whenever I rock up to an event, I know I’m going to see people from the groups/scene. We are a little family!

Do you have any great memories/stories to share about your experience either on the online Trancendence group or at a Trancendence event?

I have to say when threads were a thing, they were fantastic! Never have I seen people so frantic to share their favourite songs of a particular artist. Let’s bring them back!

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

My name is Miguel, and i'm a trance addict.

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