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23 Aussie artists reveal their tune of the year

2015, the year of trance?

What a year it has been. FSOE 400 Melbourne, the return of ASOT, Subculture’s epic Aussie tour, Atlantis, Genesis White, ABGT 150, Pure Trance, Extrema 400, Godskitchen and extended sets from huge names in the scene; Menno De Jong, Neptune Project, Max Graham, The Thrillseekers and John 00 Fleming, were definitely some of the biggest highlights this year for Australia’s trance family.

We asked 23 Aussie trance artists to reflect upon the past 12 months, and share their most favourite tune of 2015. See their picks below and make sure to check out our Aussie summer trance merchandise – singlets & tees available here – perfect for the next trance event!

Amy ParnellAmy Parnell (NSW)

Will Atkinson & Rowetta – “Mesmerise” / listen here

This track has massive, soulful vocals that just seems to work in conjunction with Atkinson’s signature style. This track has so many awesome elements to it, but I think the thing that makes it so memorable is the throwback to a 90’s rave or street parade vibe! It just stands out from all other tracks & gives goosebumps and a big smile all at the same time.

IlluminorIlluminor (WA)

Dimension – “Origami” / listen here

As always, so many favourite tunes this year, but I think it would hard for us both to go past Dimension – “Origami”, which was put out on Ferry’s Flashover imprint. A classic feel with a modern chassis, this one really gets our Trancier gears into motion. The breakdown, complete with it’s beautiful and ORIGINAL sounding progression tops itself by releasing into a classic, expressive style arpeggio. This is the top shelf trance sound that we fell in love with!

ExisExis (VIC)

Heatbeat & Bjorn Akesson “Pharaon” (Nhato Remix) / listen here

My favourite trance tune of 2015 is Heatbeat & Bjorn Akesson – “Pharaon” (Nhato Remix). I’ve been playing this track in my sets pretty much all year! As I’m a big fan of big room trance, this track really hits the spot with its powerful kickbass and super-catchy melody. This is my go-to-track to play when I want the floor to explode with even greater energy!

PinkquePinkque (VIC)

Darren Porter – “Deep Blue” / listen here

Darren Porter does it again with “Deep Blue” a purely emotional & driving track. Known for his amazing breakdowns, this track triggers many emotions in me. The cinematic/orchestral feel and his ability to squeeze that into a trance track, in such a delicate way and make it work brilliantly is purely genius! For me, its what makes it my tune of the year. There’s many cinematic/orchestral trance tracks, but this tune in particular captures that of one who should be film scoring for high end films. Masterpiece!

simonlovelleoy2015Simon Lovell (NSW)

Andrew Bayer – “Celestial” / listen here

This track tops off an amazing year of Andrew Bayer’s releases, the melody and emotion in the breakdown hits me right in the feels every time! I get lost in it!

TagloTaglo (QLD)

Ferry Corsten presents Gouryella – “Anahera” / listen here

Ohh now this is a tough one! Theres’ been so many good tracks out this year, its been a huge year for Trance! Here’s my favourite three; Gouryella – Anahera, Dimension – Origami, Sunny Lax – Enceladus.

The winner? Gahhhh so tough! But I’d have to say Gouryella – Anahera. Why? Because every time I’ve listened to this track out in the clubs or played it myself…the feels are too damn real! Goosebumps happen every time and you know that deserves to be a winner!

Andru BallotaAndru Ballota (VIC)

Eric Prydz – Opus / listen here

The production of this track is pure genius, It’s a track you can close your eyes, while it takes you on a musical  journey, If you haven’t heard it yet, i suggest you do!

SnazSnaz (VIC)

Darren Porter – “Deep Blue” / listen here

This tune got my arm hairs standing from the moment the buildup started, the spine-tingling cinematic melody with the strings and subtle vocals reminded me of moments within a Lord Of The Rings type of movie – just epic.  Combined with an explosive driving breakdown that would fit in with any peak time set, this tune has my vote for the 2015 Trance Track Of The Year!

TygrisTygris (NSW)

Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – “We’re All We Need” / listen here

My favourite track of the year goes to Above & Beyond – We’re All We Need.  The track has a powerful message through Zoe’s vocals along with a melancholy melody and sound. This track will definitely be memorable for a very long time.

Thomas KnightThomas Knight (NSW)

Markus Schulz – “Bombay (Mumbai)” / listen here

It gives me nostalgia from when I did a Happy Hardcore remix of the original inspiration of this track 10 years ago.

Factor BFactor B (VIC)

Vintage & Morelli – “Tsukiakari Ame” / listen here

This tune featured in alot of my sets this year. The thing that stands out for me about this track is how unique and powerful its journey is. It still delivers all the powerful sounds and emotive features of a big uplifting trance tune – yet sits at 128bpm. Its no secret I’m a huge fan of progressive trance as well as uplifting trance and for me Vintage & Morelli is at the forefront of this new age progressive trance sound. He has developed himself into a worldclass producer, Ive been following him for a while now and he just keeps on delivering the goods! Killer tune.
twitter: @factor_B_music

JamesJames TGE (VIC)

Darren Porter – “Deep Blue” / listen here

This track is epic in every sense of the word, the break is an emotional revelation and Porter’s talent is unquestionable.

AvianAvian (NSW)

Will Atkinson – “Numb The Pain” / listen here

Despite being a new release in 2015, listening to this track triggers a strong sense of nostalgia in me. It contains so many elements that remind me of what drew me to trance in the first place. In addition to being an incredible tune, I think Will Atkinson deserves a special mention for the year he’s had as a whole. His performance at Genesis Black in Sydney stands out in particular and as a DJ, I learnt a lot from observing and listening to how he was able to re-set the crowd that night.

Digital DreamerzDigital Dreamerz (VIC)

Rick’s pick: Re:Locate vs Robert Nickson & Neev Kennedy – “Not Made To Break” (Omar Sherif Remix) / listen here

This track would have to be the #1 track of 2015 for me – It is probably the only track this year that I have not been able to take off repeat since I first heard it. For me, it has everything I love about trance. Right from the beginning with the driving rolling bass line, beautiful melodies right through out, a piano break down combined with the angelic vocals of Neev Kennedy to take you completely away just like Trance should & to top it off, an amazing (not over done) build up straight in to the drop which is all about the melody… What else can you really ask for!

Ricky’s pick: Ferry Corsten presents Gouryella – “Anahera” / listen here

My track of the year 2015 would have to Be Ferry Corsten presents Gouryella – Anahera, for me this is the epitome of trance and has raised the bench mark amongst the rest this year, I was lucky enough to witness the man himself play it live at EDC Las Vegas for the first time, and there are truly no words to describe how it felt to witness such an amazing track with some amazing people in my life. Truly a memory I will never forget.

This track is inspired me and motivated me to push my boundaries with music and really try and create something special that will live on forever. Ferry has always been a massive inspiration since I first started listening to trance, and as Digital Dreamerz we had the privilege of supporting him when he came down to Melbourne, I told him I was there when he played Anahera and that’s when he informed me it was the first time he played it.

The track itself takes you on a journey like no other, a true Trance feeling, full of emotion, depth, drive and Feeling. This to me is the Trance Tune of the year! I look forward to many more amazing tunes next year and am also very excited to share with the world some of our very own stuff that we have been working on.

Nick ArborNick Arbor (NSW)

Mark Sixma & Emma Hewitt – “Restless Hearts” / listen here

I love the cord stabs and the quick Syncopation!

Scotty GScotty G (NSW)

UCast & Susana – “To Another Day” / listen here

It has great vocals from Susana and the that driving 138 bass sound from UCast!

XactlythisXactlythis (QLD)

Greg Downey & Bo Bruce – “These Hands I Hold” (Sean Tyas Remix) / listen here

My favorite track of the year is hands down Greg Downey & Bo Bruce – These hands I hold (Sean Tyas Remix). It’s everything I want in a track, from the beautiful vocals (Bo Bruce absolutely nailed it) to Sean Tyas’s signature driving 138 basslines and melodies. I’ve had this track on repeat all year and not once have the goosebumps subsided. Its not just my favorite track of the year its gonna be up there on my list of greatest tracks of all time for a very long time.

elucidusElucidus (NSW)

Matt Darey Feat Kate Louise Smith “See The Sun” (Dan Stone Rework) / listen here

It’s a track we all easily agree on. The quality of the production is different class, to take a such a chilled out electronica style track and turn it into a pure trance uplifter that pulls on the emotions is absolutely fantastic. 2015 was, without a doubt, Dan Stone’s year. every production was such a high calibre, very consistent.

AhmetAhmet Atasever (VIC)

Ahmet Atasever featuring Amy Kirkpatrick – “Love Waits” (Matt Darey & Philip Aniskin Remix) / listen here

Matt Darey is back, and this time with a bit of Russian influence from Philip Aniskin.  When you close your eyes and listen to this remix of ‘Love Waits’ you will instantly be transformed to an island in Ibiza. Beautiful house vibe with some soothing guitar strings, definitely one to add to your summer play list.

RobRob Tech (NSW)

Gaia – In Principio / listen here

This tune has such a beautiful lead melody and is such a beautiful tune. The track is very well produced with lots of awesome melodies and bassline features added to it. This is one of Gaia’s best works and I look forward to hearing what other tunes they come out with.

RodmanRodman (NSW)

Re:Locate vs Robert Nickson and Sarah Lynn – Will You Be There / listen here

My favourite tune of 2015 is Re:Locate vs Robert Nickson and Sarah Lynn – Will You Be There . The vocals and lyrics in this song resonate very strongly , and this track invokes so much emotion! It’s got the melodic components to be very catchy, and this has been played on my iPod more than anything else this year.

Rodman’s Good Ol’ Days 3 Mix
Morgan Page Vs. Ilan Bluestone – The Longest Cloudchaser (Rodman Mashup)Rodman’s Emotions Mix

Thomas HayesThomas Hayes

Wrechiski & Jason Ross – Atlas / listen here

It’s an absolutely amazing track bringing together multiple sounds and genres into one, whilst not compromising any power, energy or emotion! A true modern masterpiece!


Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – “We’re All We Need” / listen here

My Favourite trance song of 2015 would have to be Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – “We’re All We Need”!

I mean, those guys can never go wrong. This track is a result of their many years in evolving and experience and I think it shows in the emotion the song brings to the listener. When I listen to it, I get such a feeling of hope, like there’s nothing in the world that can bring me down and it makes me feel at one with the world. An all around phenomenal tune!!

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