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Aussie Trance acts reveal their Tune of the Year 2016

We asked many Aussie trance artists to reflect upon the past 12 months, and share their most favourite tune of 2016.

Simon Lovell (NSW)

Gareth Emery & Ben Gold – Until We Meet Again (Garuda)
“Incredibly fresh sounds, perfect hybrid between Progressive and Trance – always a hit on the dancefloor!”

Marcus Santoro (VIC)

Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab – Another Chance (Above & Beyond Club Mix) (Anjunabeats)
“I was completely blown away by the raw emotion and feeling that just poured all over this record . . . have had it on repeat almost every day since the release, truly amazing!”


Matt Bowdidge (QLD)

James Dymond – Push (FSOE)
“The track of 2016 for me was James Dymond – Push!”

Nick Arbor (NSW)

LTN & Flashtech – The Last Ride (FSOE Excelsior)
“This is a beautiful track.”

Illuminor (WA)

Vintage & Morelli – Sweet Surrender feat. Arielle Maren (Silk Music)
“We can’t praise this track enough. Perhaps it’s the pacing, unashamedly letting the track evolve naturally – or the deep progressive production with a little bit of funk & swing? Or maybe it’s just because when it gets right down to it, this thing simply drips with melody?”

Wayne Duggan (QLD)

John O’Callaghan – Lies Cost Nothing (Will Atkinson Remix) (Subculture)
“It’s got to be John O’Callaghan feat. Clare Stagg – Lies Cost Nothing(Will Atkinson Remix)”

Mint Dealers (NSW)

Lach: The Thrillseekers Pres. Hydra – Amber (FSOE)
Alexander: Jericho Frequency & Chloe – Remember You (Amsterdam Trance Records)

Avian (NSW)

M.I.K.E. Push – Quadrant (JOOF Recordings)
“Never easy, but my pick for the year this time around is M.I.K.E. Push – Quadrant.”


Renee Stahl & Bogdan Vix vs Bobina & Andrew Rayel – ‘Forever in Sacramentum (AURA Mashup).”

Shane Cross (SA)

Shane Cross – Were You Wrong?
“For me, 2016 brought tremendous emotional change and a disruption to my sense of identity and self worth. The only way I could work through this change was to make music, in particular this song. Without it, I don’t know where I’d be going in to 2017. “Were You Wrong” is my favourite song of 2016 because it contributed to the healing of so much.”

Tygris (NSW)

Gaia – Inyathi (Armind)
“I’ve played this track more times in my set than i can remember, this is undeniably the true essence of modern day trance.”

Ahmet Atasever (VIC)

Dan Dobson – Docile (Lange Recordings)
“I really love this track, it has the classic trance sound, big long melodic build up reminding me of the early 2000 era of trance.”

Big J (NSW)

Matt Bowdidge – The Calling.”

Jericho Frequency (QLD)

Solid Stone & Jennifer Rene – Heart Call (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) (Coldharbour Recordings)
“My fav tune this year was Jerome Isma-Ae’s remix of Solid Stone’s ‘Heart Call’ with Jennifer Rene.”

CommonGround (QLD)

Christopher Lawrence – Banshee (Lostly Remix) (Pharmacy Music)
“It’s definitely gotta be this remix by Lostly. He’s such an amazing artist that’s bringing back old school music writing techniques and his tunes just simply stand out by far. This is a dark Psy influenced tune but it has beautiful melodies and amazing sound design in the breakdowns.. It really creates awesome moments in clubs and also at doofs.”

Elucidus (NSW)

Sean Tyas – Turbo (Kearnage)
“Track of the year has to be Sean Tyas – Turbo.”

Stephen Healy (NSW)

A & Z – Lyra (FSOE)
“The tune I want to choose for tune of the year is A & Z – Lyra. So many good releases this year but at the time that blew me away and still play it consistently.”

Pablo Anon (NSW)

Harmonic Rush & Asteria – Joanne in Wonderland
(Critical Overload)

Exis (VIC)

Gareth Emery feat. Wayward Daughter – Reckless (Garuda)
“I had this track on repeat for a week. Quite emotional. The part where her voice trills during the words ‘precious’ and ‘reckless’ always gets me.”

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Aussie Trance acts reveal their Tune of the Year 2016