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tyDi announces massive comeback to Trance

Aussie act tyDi returns to Trance with a new single, and it sounds promising.

Over 10 years ago, the world of Trance was introduced to the sounds of mastermind tyDi. Within those years of creativity he built a collection of ultimate anthems, and he now returns to his Trance roots on his new album, ‘Collide’.

After a period of silence away from the scene to explore other genre’s, he’s now fighting it with a powerful orchestral Trance record, ‘Did You Know?’, has just been released and will also be featured on his forthcoming album, ‘Collide‘.

With its stunning melody and tremendous orchestral sound, tyDi delivers a track addictive, wonderful and euphoric, with a big dose of pure trance energy and splendid vocals. The new single builds and builds, making it one giant of a track and a storm of a record, hitting all senses.

On his return to Trance, tyDi explained in a recent video posted on Facebook, that he was never going to touch the genre again if he couldn’t make it bigger and more powerful, and worked with two-time GRAMMY award winning composer Christopher Tin to achieve just that, fusing an entire orchestra with the sound of Trance. 

“I haven’t made trance music for five years, there’s very good reasons why, i got bored of it. I didn’t find any innovation, i didn’t see people doing anything different, it was the same melodies, and the same riffs, and the same style, and i just wasn’t ready to come back to a genre that i couldn’t beat.  I’m not trying to say that i’m a guy that can just beat any genre of music, but for me personally, i’m not going to touch a track if i cant personally feel that i bought something to the table that hasn’t been done,” tyDi says in the video.

tyDi also drops a teaser of his new single in the video, and it sounds promising. It has the solid build-up of a trancer, rapidly evolving into a grand, orchestral piece of power and melody.

Watch tyDi’s entire announcement video below, listen to his his new single ‘Did You Know?’ below, and get it here.

A return to TRANCE! (On my own terms 😉

Posted by tyDi on Wednesday, 15 November 2017

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

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