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Local hero Tygris talks trance

Coming off a year that saw Tygris play at some of Australia’s biggest trance events and club nights, we caught up with the local hero to talk all things trance right before his recent set at Pacha Sydney.

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We’re absolutely thrilled to be featuring you on The Trance Project again. What’s new? Are you working on any exciting new projects?

“Thanks for having me, I have a new tune coming out soon on Alter Ego Progressive and have been working on quiet a few different projects. I’ve been trying to work on a new sound this year so hopefully i can come up with something memorable for you guys!”

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You’ve had a massive year so far, playing at some of Australia’s biggest events this year, including Godskitchen, ATLANTIS, Enhanced Sessions, just to name a few. How was your experience playing at these events?

“It’s been awesome, Godskitchen was a great night and i really enjoyed playing some of the classics that i grew up listening to.”

“ATLANTIS will be a night ill never forget and my favourite gig so far and its always fun to play the Enhanced Session nights and catch up with the artists.”

Do you have a favourite venue to play at these days?

“So far, my favourite venue to date is The Hordern Pavilion in Sydney but i love playing at Voodoo Sydney, Home Nightclub.”

Which artists currently inspire you the most?

“My favourite sounds are coming from the Anjuna Kitchen right now so I’d say Above & Beyond, Andrew Bayer, Arty, Super8 & Tab and also Mat Zo. Another worthy mention would be my good friend Dan Sieg.”

What’s your favourite trance tune at the moment?

“My favourite track has to be Andrew Bayer’s new one “Nobody Told Me” which I heard at ABGT150, it absolutely blew my mind.”

What does trance mean to you?

“The first time i heard electronic music was on a game on Playstation called Wipeout in the late 90’s and since then I’ve heard the trance sound develop over the years but it has always had a psychological impact on the listener. I think trance is really powerful and addictive. For me, Trance is a feeling, an escape from reality and a memory that you create at that time. There are too many disputes over which genre or bpm is better, or if it’s real trance or not, which ultimately makes people forget about the music itself, its not a competition and the music is timeless, you just need to connect with it.”

Would you be willing to share a production tip for the upcoming producers in Australia?

“Love, Sacrifice and Persevere.”

Do you have an all-time favourite trance tune?

“My all time favourite is “Shivers” – Armin van Buuren feat. Susana”

Name one goal we can expect you to achieve in the next five years!

“My goal is to establish a sound that represents who i am, i think that is the most important part of being an artist. Also, i would love to sign something over to Anjunabeats in the next five years.”

Check out Tygris’ Soundcloud page here.

Article image: Pacha Sydney / © MY Media Sydney

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